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Mayor Gowing possesses Ox power and Sagittarius fun

Cottage Grove Mayor Jeff Gowing was born under the sun sign Sagittarius during the lunar Year of the Ox. Ox-born individuals are strong leaders who seek to influence change in the world. They are determined warriors who lean toward careers in military service, government, politics, and leadership of any type. 


Linda LaZar, an expert in Chinese astrology, will focus on the signs of area candidates. This is the first of the series.

Ox-born individuals work to improve the environment in which they live, to make it better, safer, and more beautiful for all. They are top business leaders, investors, foremen, visionaries, entertainers, activists, and entrepreneurs. 

They do very well in real estate investment. Ox-born individuals possess charisma, and people notice when they enter a room. They fight for righteousness and project authority. Their presence introduces a sense of safety and trust into any environment.

The sun sign Sagittarius adds a good-natured courage to the lunar sign Ox. A Sagittarius-Ox is willing to step forward and introduce creativity and joy while accepting responsibility for new projects and goals. A Sagittarius-Ox enjoys working as a team with others, rather than seeking the role of dictator.  

Some Ox-born individuals, such as a Taurus-Ox, seek power through a serious approach, to conquer, own, or win through war and dictatorship. But a Sagittarius-Ox enjoys working as a team with others, incorporating happiness and fun into their goals to significantly influence change. 

Walt Disney was born under the sign Sagittarius-Ox. He created Disneyland, “The happiest place on Earth.” His vision and powerful entrepreneurial spirit designed a utopian world for all to enjoy. Disney’s world included beauty, adventure, and joy. 

Sagittarius-Ox individuals seek to create whimsical places for people to escape the bitter and dangerous world. They prefer to uplift others with the precious and positive aspects of our planet, inspiring happiness through their work, even if it is limited to their own homes, their yards, their land, or their neighborhoods.

Sagittarius adds a special element to the Ox-born, which creates a sign that can envision an innocent, childlike aspect of fun. Actor Dick Van Dyke was also born under the sign Sagittarius-Ox, singing and dancing with a special element of innocence and joy while entertaining audiences. 

Sagittarius-Ox born people appreciate nature, spending time outdoors, hiking, playing games, sports, spending time in the wilderness and living in a natural fairytale world of beauty and comradery with friends. 

All Ox-born would like to lead the world, but a Sagittarius-Ox seeks to create a utopia that makes sense, without judgment or pain, and inspires happiness, order, law, inclusivity, beauty, and fun. 

Ox-born individuals have become top stars in entertainment and activism. Their strength and charisma offer them a unique opportunity to express their power and influence. 

Famous Ox-born women include: Princess Diana (Cancer-Ox), activist Malala Yousafzai (Cancer-Ox), Senator Elizabeth Warren (Cancer-Ox), British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Libra-Ox), and First Lady Barbara Bush (Gemini-Ox).

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