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Taurus-Tiger sign a balanced personality

I received a question from a female reader who was born under the sun sign Taurus during the lunar Year of the Tiger. She wondered what I could tell her about her potential and any hidden talents she may have.

A Tiger-born typically exhibits unbridled energy and fun. They express exuberant opinions (whether they are solicited or not). 

Tigers take risks and explore new adventures. In the case of a Tiger blended with Taurus, this reader’s sign combines a beautiful balance of energy, creativity, methodical planning, warmth, and friendliness. A Taurus-Tiger is more stable than most other Tigers, more conservative, less intense, and they offer their time and talents generously and often. 

A Taurus-Tiger is ambitious and determined to create a life of fun and security. Tigers are young at heart all their lives, and they have an open mind for new ideas and adventures. 

The reader wondered about her potential and hidden talents. A Taurus-Tiger is an excellent manager and is able to lead, guide, and assist others toward their goals and destinations. Tigers are athletic and enjoy the outdoors and activities.

A Taurus-Tiger would do well in careers and hobbies that include young children and animals, sports, the outdoors, and keeping records and details. Photography would be an excellent hobby or career for a Taurus-Tiger, as well as teaching young children, gardening, and careers that require focused planning blended with creativity. Tigers are excellent writers and storytellers. Taurus-Tigers can be relied on to do what they promise. Actress Penélope Cruz was born under the sign Taurus-Tiger. 

The reader also asked about her husband, who was born under the sun sign Cancer during the lunar Year of the Rooster. This sign is nurturing, warm, and exudes a feeling of protection and safety to those in his life. 

A Cancer-Rooster enjoys their home and family, and they appreciate being organized. A Cancer-Rooster is determined to achieve goals and lead others along the way, without being overbearing or aggressive. This sign would make an excellent nurse or healthcare practitioner. Like his wife, the sun and moon signs offer a balance that creates leadership, good intentions, and kindness.

The Cancer-Rooster husband and Taurus-Tiger wife create a solid partnership. Although these two individuals have very different personalities and employ different strategies toward life, they possess the same values and create a good partnership that balances each other’s strengths.

The Cancer-Rooster is helpful and is appreciated by those he interacts with. Cancer-Roosters work diligently to serve others and reach their goals. A Taurus-Tiger is a loyal hard-working partner, and she appreciates having a caring partner she can rely on. Penélope Cruz’s husband was also born during the lunar Year of the Rooster. 

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