Cottage Grove

Revved up and ‘dolled’ up

A 1972 Delta 88 convertible, owned by Danny and Candace Solesbee, sits outside of two of the Solesbees’ businesses, 5 Flying Monkeys antiques and Shampoo Dolls, on Halloween, while a hairy primate takes the wheel. ERIN TIERNEY/THE CHRONICLE

COTTAGE GROVE – Danny and Candace Solesbee’s Shampoo Dolls Salon car made downtown pop in black and white.
The couple, owners of the salon and 5 Flying Monkeys, bought the 1972 Delta 88 convertible with the intention of wrapping it with a ”crazy design.” They were looking for something quirky and fun to represent Shampoo Dolls’ unique style, Candice said, which integrates black and white with pops of pink, as well as sugar skulls.
As though all cut from the same cloth as their business motifs, the convertible’s black-and-white paisley design is smattered with intricately designed sugar skulls; look closer, and you’ll see the Shampoo Dolls logo blended into the design – a detail Candice said people rarely notice.
Oh, and the monkey in the driver’s seat?
Well, they just really like monkeys.
”Monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys … we collect them wherever we find them,” Candice said with a laugh.
Having a little fun with it, the Solesbees crafted a backstory for their antiques and vintage shop: ”When Glenda dropped the house on her sister (in ”The Wizard of Oz”), the flying monkeys were out of a job. They moved to Cottage Grove and opened a small business, where they are selling all of Auntie Em’s furniture and collectibles.”
The Solesbees enjoying driving the convertible in parades and community events.
”We have really enjoyed driving the Dolls car,” Candice said. ”It’s fun to drive it down the freeway and have a car pull up next to you – everyone with their phones out videoing. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s particular taste, but we do get a lot of thumbs up when people pass us on the road and we love it!”



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