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Talk of war with Iran ‘insane’

Dear Editor,

In the melee of news coverage of the drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, the point was made that the Trump base in the Midwest would support a consequent war on Iran.
The assumption is mind-blowing until one realizes that a supposed-majority of the supporters would unwittingly send their daughters and sons into war, simply because they had been convinced to hate anything that his predecessor has done.
Does war with Iran really equal re-election for Mr. Trump (assuming we survive the nuclear war)? If so, that highlights the insanity of politics although we need to recognize the alternative could be autocratic rule by a single crazy person.
At least democracy offers the chance for human reason to ultimately prevail. Even a power-mad president is still a human being with family values.
Isn’t it irrational to believe that any sane person would want to kill and be killed?
We all need to listen to the mind we are given and understand that harmony is the only objective worth perusing.

Alan Jackson
Cottage Grove



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