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Fifty first names only …

With the start of school and the fall sports seasons, I met Brandon and – finally – Sandi at the first home football game of the season. I met Gary, too, who was terrific on the PA system. The first thing I did upon arrival was hit the concession stand, where I was staring at someone familiar. I finally connected the dots: It was Grant, the Athlete of the Week in The Chronicle.
I’ve gotten to know Kai, a senior at CHS, and his dad, Peter. They visited the newsroom, mostly to talk about how we’ll use Scorebook Live to provide real-time coverage of Bulldog sports this year.
Spoke to a lot of members of the local clergy; I wanted to meet them and let them know The Chronicle is no longer charging churches to be listed in the directory. It was nice to visit with Father John, Doug and Seth. Somehow, all of this led to my joining the IRC and going through initiation with Laurie, June and Ashley last week and Paul this week. And Brad. And quite a few teachers around Creslane Elementary School: Brittany and Bailey,
This will sound like hyperbole; it’s simply a fact: Tina crafted the best haircut I’ve ever had. And all of her insight and historical knowledge about Creswell was worth twice the price of the cut. Looking forward to spending more time at the Whistle Stop Barber Shop.
The paper continues to grow. We’ve added another writer and all-around journalist in Victoria. I also crossed professional paths with Jessica, Hillary and Mark. Chester is helping us distribute The Chronicle throughout Springfield, including Safeway and Albertson’s grocery stores. Manuel has been a big help making sure the new printing requirements are always set.
There are always random and surprise visits in the newsroom, which we encourage. Gordon and Don were both nice guys; one came by and was happy to take our used mini-fridge and the other is a renowned muralist. And Susan came by to renew her subscription. Also through the course of my work, I’ve gotten to see Misty, Alonzo and Judy and Kevin in action on the city council, and hope to get to know them better.
Chatted with Vicente, who has his dojo up and running.
Jane came by the newsroom and had great stories and recollections of the old cannery and history of Creswell. A former city councilor, she was a joy to meet and I’m eager to hear more from her perspective and experience. It’s always a pleasure to see Normajean, too.
Stanley moved recently from the Cottage Grove area to help run a large retail store in Creswell. He was friendly when he introduced himself the other day in the newsroom.
We visited the UO Journalism school, meeting specifically with Lisa and Sung regarding ways to provide a unique, professional experience in a modern media business, right in the southern Willamette Valley.
Denise, Phyllis and Cheryl are both new subscribers.
Nick was a real pleasure to meet at the Cornbread Cafe in Springfield; a waiter there, his background as a leader at Lane Community College and active engagement on the important issues of the day was admirable.
Another UO student we met recently was Grace. We’re looking to upgrade and expand our website, chronicle1909.com, and social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram. The amount of talent in the UO journalism program is impressive.
Among many who could claim this title, Karol has been “the most helpful Rotarian” since I was admitted to the group in Cottage Grove. Her knowledge and support has made this a richer experience. I met Scott, the Cottage Grove chief of police, at the Cycle Oregon event a few weekends ago, too, thanks to Rotary. Saw Travis there, too, of course. He’s tireless.
I’m not sure they’re “new” neighbors anymore, but I want to welcome Blair and Marco to the block, and encourage those of you who need chiropractic and massage therapy to check out the Creswell Wellness Center.
Regular readers know we acknowledge our four-legged and feathered friends in this space. Add Ratchet and Clive to the list, a couple of felines who are part of our Creative Director’s family..
Paul has become the landlord for one of our staff members. You might have seen, or more likely listened to, him playing guitar in the area.
Tipsy has become a regular contributor with weekly recipes. Her backstory is fascinating, and you’ll be reading more about her in The Chronicle.

Noel Nash is publisher of The Chronicle.



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