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My _____ has been diagnosed with cancer’

Tom Harada

Fill in the blank: My ______ has been diagnosed with cancer.
It’s a sentence spoken all too often these days. Whether it’s a mother, friend, son, niece, co-worker or grandparent, I hear this statement all too often: someone’s life has been touched by cancer.
To be clear, cancer does not simply touch lives; it grabs, it shocks, it creates turmoil and it turns lives upside down. It does not discriminate, nor does it follow a predictable course.
It is a journey which leaves those affected without control; daily life becomes a series of doctor’s visits, chemotherapy, blood tests, scans, hair loss, nausea and so much more. Those dealing with this evil get an education they never wanted and become members of a club they never wanted to belong to.
Your faith will be tested to the core. A good day means the tumor shrank and gives hope and elation. A bad day shows a new ”spot” and brings disbelief and anger. Cancer tries to defeat the spirit, but as my husband said, ”The will to live is too incredibly strong and cannot be underestimated.”
My husband lost his battle with cancer, but not his spirit.
On Saturday, Aug. 24 at 3 p.m., the Round Up Saloon is hosting the Second annual Tom Harada Music Jam, a party for all who have been ”touched” by cancer – a live musical gathering for those who survived, those who did not and those who stood by.
For those who have experienced cancer from a distance and for those who have never seen it, this is a time to share memories, stories and laughs. It is a time to push cancer aside and let the spirit rule.
Come join us for great music, food and drinks and a few hours of sharing.



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