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The holidays this year are like a speeding train; taking a whole week out of my life to deal with the flu derailed my plans to get the house decorated and shopping started. I think I’m back on track for now anyway, at least the shopping part of it. Because our family has grown to giant proportions over the past few years, Jim’s and my focus is on making sure the little ones get to rip open presents on Christmas morning.
The older members get small, funky token gifts when we all gather at our house for a Christmas breakfast and then, later, a dinner for those who are able to stay. For the adults, our biggest blessing is to be together to celebrate.
I’m always reminded this time of year of a Christmas story told to me by one of Lorane’s “old timers,” Lyle Conrad, who Nancy, Marna and I interviewed in 1987 for our book. Lyle had grown up in the Ham Road area of Lorane and, at the time of the interview, lived with his wife Hazel and family in their home at the base of Stony Point. The story was included in our books, “Sawdust and Cider” and “From Sawdust and Cider to Wine.”
“Lyle Conrad remembers his father, Orville, telling of one of his Christmases as a child. Orville said he was hoping to get an orange that Christmas and, sure enough, that was what he got. Orville said, ‘Well, at least I got my Hope.’”
Let’s all “hope” for those things that are attainable in our current circumstances, but never allow our dreams to darken. We all have the potential to work toward the goals we set for ourselves. We just need to want them badly enough.
The Angel Tree at the Lorane Family Store is continuing to have its “fruit” plucked daily and as of this writing it is bare again. Thanks to the giving spirit of our community that is making sure each child in our midst has his or her “hopes” fulfilled. Regardless of the holiday each family is celebrating, it becomes especially meaningful when we share our bounty with others. Thank you to all of the generous souls who have fulfilled an angel’s wish. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) when you participate, you end up feeling that you are being gifted, too.
Just a couple events that I haven’t reported on recently that you may want to take part in:
Yoga classes are being offered at 9:30 a.m. Thursdays and 6:15 p.m., under the stars, on Tuesdays. Yoga is a fun, safe way to develop balance, inner strength, flexibility, relaxation and stress relief! This class is for all levels regardless of yoga experience. It’s offered by Happy Hikers’ Fitness located at 29077 Cottage Grove-Lorane Road; call 818-535-0670 for more information or check out their Facebook page. A few spots are available. A $12 donation is requested for each class.
Evening classes are held under the stars in a yurt, and a bonus of tea and cookies are offered after the class. Come let your inner radiance shine.
I have a note from Beverley Sieminski reminding those who expressed interest in the group she formed for spinning, knitting, crocheting, quilting—“



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