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College isn’t for everyone, lots of trade jobs to be had

What is the employment situation for the high school graduates today?
There are many grads that don’t have the desire to go to school after 12 years of studying. They aren’t interested, financially able or even have a future occupation planned. There still are many opportunities available for the non-university bound young persons, regardless of gender.
I visited ”Brothers Plumbing Company” last week to get information, which I desire to pass on to Creswell students that soon will be graduating. The brothers are Rich and Chad Lybarger, who purchased the land and buildings next to the middle school to establish their plumbing business in Creswell. Mr. Ed Easter and the brothers gave me a lot of information about their training and employment in the plumbing trade. It is apparent that they are always on the lookout for young people to apply and work. The plumbers must be licensed, and to do so they must go through an apprentice program during which they are paid a wage. The State of Oregon licenses all plumbers, and – in union shops – the union controls certain employment. After completion of the apprentice program they are tested and licensed by the state.
Wages are good and a new plumber can expect wages of around $40,000 annually, and more than that in benefits of medical, dental, retirement and vacation pay. This is over $80,000 a year. That certainly is nothing to sneeze at.
I know there are other occupations that pay well and we see this reflected on TV practically daily that: welders, carpenters, truck drivers, cooks, bakers, nurses and more are all needed. Training and education are a must. Math, computer knowledge, good health all assist new grads to secure these jobs.
It is great to see that the training for Manual Arts or blue color work is going ahead in Creswell Schools now under the direction of Mr. Stan Mercer, whom I consider an outstanding teacher and role model. I hope that we all can encourage students to stay in school and get this training and knowledge to further their joyful lives.



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