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Passion for wildlife shouldn’t override progress, survival of human race

I am amazed at times when I read about freedom of animals. Contention is that all animal life should be free and not encumbered in any manner shape or form. I can understand some of the reasons even though I do not always agree.
What would it be like if all the horses were allowed to roam as they want? Remember, there were no horses or similar animals such as donkeys, burrows etc. in America before discovery by Columbus.
If cattle similarly were turned loose, where would we get the milk we need? I guess we need it for youngsters. But what would be the survival of all the exotic fish that are in aquariums – even the fish tank in your home? Dogs and cats, wow! Would it be survival of the fittest? Would Pit Bulls rule the small animal kingdom? Would your garden and grounds be safe from destruction?
I haven’t even touched on what happened to the prehistoric animals, but I imagine that they weren’t all destroyed by the collision of a meteorite with earth.
How would society protect itself and how would weaker animals survive? Without control of grazing lands, forests and farms, and if no fencing of animals as proposed, this in itself would be a huge problem. I’m not talking about just the U.S., but other countries and continents such as Africa and South America.
Common sense and reasoning is needed here. There are a lot of good reasons for freedom of some species in certain areas of the world, and by and large I do believe that is the case.
Probably more can and should be done, but we must not let passion for wildlife survival override planning, progress and survival of the human race in the future.



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