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Proudly, we salute Larry Weaver

Dear Editor,
Larry Weaver served his country in two ways: As a Peace Corp volunteer in Colombia, South America and as a Marine Corp Reserve officer in the 1960s and ’70s.
Those times, like these, were tumultuous.
The important thing was to bring his highest ideals to the task at hand. To serve meant to teach/instruct skills to others that would create and build.
It also meant to examine his values in light of what he was trying to contribute to his country. He became a pacifist. He was able to serve in both the Marine Corp and Peace Corp within his conscience.
Service to one’s country calls to the deepest part of the one who serves. There are many ways to serve. All of them deserve honor. Teachers serve. Emergency responders serve. Healthcare practitioners serve.
Honor to all who serve.
Sheila Hale



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