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A simple ‘thank you’ is a common courtesy

There are a terrific number of charities, all beseeching for donations. Donations are sought in various manners and it is up to us to decide what needy organization we wish to contribute to.
So often I find that once I am on the list as having donated, we are fair game to get request after request, some with stamped envelopes, other with prepaid markings and various messages displaying grieving families, flood or other disaster locales.
And of course there are any number of false, misleading requests. I have checked on some of the agencies to find what percentage of collected funds are used for; administration, solicitation, and of course how much actually goes for relief of area or persons that agency is dedicated to and make our donations based on what we learn about their use of funds.
I won’t try to influence you for any particular charity. However, I will tell of one I am a bit disappointed in. We have donated in the past to the Creswell Education Foundation; we gave more funds about two weeks ago. Yesterday, I got a letter from the Foundation and I figured it was a thank you note. Upon opening it I found a request for more money.
Needless to say we are very disappointed that they have not at least recognized our donations. This should be a common courtesy. Nor has the Creswell School Board recognized our donations in the past.
Okay, yes our feelings were hurt, but we still will support our schools in the future because we don’t want the students to suffer because of the lack of a simple ”Thank you.”
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