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Dear Editor,

Oregonians will vote on whether Oregon remains a “sanctuary state.” This statute was passed over 30 years ago to help stop people being arrested solely for being here illegally.
Today, people who are here illegally AND commit crimes are being set free to commit more crimes on law abiding citizens, thanks to the protection FROM the law this statute has morphed into. It was never intended to protect people who commit crimes other than being here illegally, but that’s exactly the way it’s working now and that’s wrong.
Repealing this sanctuary statute would not endanger illegal aliens who want to report a crime; this is fear mongering opponents of Measure 105 are spreading. If aliens still have doubts, they can easily report crimes without disclosing their identities via law-enforcement agencies’ anonymous telephone and online tip lines.
Eighteen of Oregon’s 36 county sheriff’s support Measure 105. Sanctuary policies that protect illegal immigrants encourage more illegal immigration and inhibit the sheriff’s ability to do what we elected them to do: protect Oregon citizens. Repealing this decades-old statute will make our communities much safer, yes, even for illegal immigrants who don’t commit other crimes. Support rule of law, vote YES on Measure 105.

Becky Lemler



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