Creswell, Sports

CHS Sports Results

Sept. 7
Creswell lost to Warrenton, 12-41
Pleasant Hill lost to Hidden Valley, 0-36
Sept. 5
Pleasant Hill lost to Sutherlin, 0-3
Sept. 6
Creswell defeated Douglas, 3-0
Pleasant Hill lost to Siuslaw, 1-3
Boys Soccer
Sept. 4
Creswell lost to Elmira, 0-2
Sept. 5
Creswell defeated Central Linn, 9-0
Sept. 6
Pleasant Hill tied with Jefferson, 1-1
Girls Soccer
Sept. 4
Pleasant Hill lost to Catlin Gabel, 0-9
Sept. 6
Pleasant Hill lost to Portland Christian, 4-8
Sept. 10
TBA Creswell – Pleasant Hill – game Monday night . . .

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