Always be ready to go camping


You can always be ready to go camping if you stay prepared. Grab three large plastic storage bins from a local store. Keep air mattresses, pumps, pillows and tarps in one bin. In the second bin, pack up stoves, pots, pans, lanterns, hatchets, rope, saws and other camp tools.
Keep the third bin stocked with items you’d need for camp and kitchen, like a small bag of favorite spices, toilet paper, paper towels, camp soap, spare rope, a first aid kit and anything else you think you might need. Store a tent and sleeping bags in large plastic bags.
Label each bin with its contents. Keep these bins in the garage or storage shed so you’ll always have your gear waiting when you’re ready to go camping.
Have each family member fill a small backpack with essential clothing, and have them include some warmer items for cooler nights and mornings. Make sure everyone has packed rain gear. The weather can be incredibly unpredictable at times.
With this preparation, you can easily go make family memories without all the stress and frustration of trying to find everything when you are ready to go camping.
To stock up your camping bins stop by your local Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s store or go to www.basspro.com or www.cabelas.com.
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