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CHS welcomes 16 to National Honor Society

Inducted into the CHS chapter of the National Honor Society on May 23 were (from left, top): Jackelyn Pleitez-Corrales, Grace Perdue, Carley Wilkerson, Jada Gallegos, Kylee Whitson, Tesslynn Werner, Brooklyn Grubbs and Guinevere Devore. Lower: Tara Keepers, Abigail Hoggard, Allison Smathers, Aden Parsons, Javier Fregoso-Duenas, Jenessa Mallory, Taylor Forsman. Not pictured: Bentley Watson. GINI DAVIS/THE CRESWELL CHRONICLE

Sixteen students were inducted into the National Honor Society during Creswell High School’s annual NHS Induction Ceremony on May 23.
Sophomores Tara Keepers, Abby Hoggard, Kylee Whitson, Grace Perdue, Javier Fregoso, Tesslynn Werner, Jackelyn Pleitez, Jenessa Mallory, Brooklyn Grubbs, Guinevere Devore and Carley Wilkerson; and juniors Bentley Watson, Jada Gallegos, Allison Smathers, Tayler Forsman and Aden Parsons were inducted during a ceremony conducted by returning Creswell NHS members.
”We’re here tonight to support a group of young people ready to step into expanded roles of leadership and service at Creswell High School,” said Mayor Dave Stram as guest speaker. ”That’s exciting. Our world needs young people who are prepared and dedicated to be the leaders of tomorrow.”
The four pillars of the National Honor Society are Scholarship, Service, Character and Leadership. In his address, Stram encouraged students not to wait to be ”someplace else” before becoming leaders and beginning to serve others.
”All the good that needs to happen in the world – all the kindness that needs to be shown, all the peace we long for, all the acts of justice, all the hungry people needing to be fed, all the children needing to be protected, the truth and honesty that should be spoken, all the personal sacrifice for the sake of others – all the good that needs to happen in our world can begin to happen right where you are,” Stram said.
”But it will never happen if you discount who you are and what you can do, right here, right now, to make a difference in your school, your community, your world.”
To be an effective leader, he said, one must first find the right fit:
”I don’t believe that you can be anything you want to be; I don’t believe that if you can dream it you can achieve it. What I do believe is that we are all uniquely fitted to do some things very well – and when we find those areas and develop our talents, we can all truly make a difference in the world for good,” Stram said.
”Students, these are the years to find your fit. Try on lots of opportunities. Keep your eyes open, your ears attentive, and your hands ready to serve. And remember: All the good that needs to happen in our world can begin to happen right where you are.”



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