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CRESWELL SHINES because of Maria Best


Editor’s note: Each month, The Chronicle and our friends at The Flower Basket & Gift Boutique will ask readers to choose someone in the community – young or old – that they feel makes Creswell shine. The Chronicle will then choose a ”superstar” based on those nominations and will surprise one of our local ”bleeding hearts” with a special gift.

Did you ever meet someone who just exudes a crystal clear sense of calmness, an unwavering sense of peace? It’s a wonder people like that still exist, but they do, and one of them lives right here in Creswell.
Her name is Maria Best.
Thanks to community submissions, Maria is Creswell’s Superstar for the month of May. She’s a jack-of-all-trades – an energetic, smiley, artistic-type, who serves the community in a huge way.
Many in town may know her as a Kiwannian, and that’s how Maria likes it.
”If someone were to describe me, I’d want to be recognized as a Kiwannian first,” Maria said. She is proud of her club and all they do for the community. The Kiwanis club exists as a local volunteer service organization dedicated to serving its community, with particular attention in helping children. It’s the perfect club for Maria; it fits her like a glove.
Maria said she absolutely loves the community of Creswell, and said she feels this town has given so much to her. Her nominiator said that Maria is one of the most generous people in Creswell. She loves the town, the people with her whole being. Her nominator said that Maria is a selfless soul who never asks for any recognition in return, and upon meeting Maria, that much is self-evident.
In interviewing Maria during a bustling lunch rush at Drumrongthai Café in Creswell, she was more interested in learning about me than answering questions about herself. She loves getting to know people, and doesn’t half-listen when someone speaks. She’s engaging and mindful, and I appreciate the sincerity in that.
Maria moved to town and shortly after, opened her shop, Simply Our Best. Maria brought high-end clothes and jewelry to ”her ladies.” But the greatest gift she gave was the attention to detail, dressing them in natural fibers, only the best of her clothing line Reds Threads, helping her customers feel like beautiful, royal women – no matter their size or budget. Sad as it was to see her close up shop, many ladies in Creswell still own and wear the purchases made in Maria’s store.
Everything Maria tackles is done with personal touches that help others feel cherished. Whether she is putting on a High Tea, helping with the Relief Nursery, working on projects with the Kiwanis or taking time to lift up a friend, one can always feel her light and love. It is good see her being recognized for all of the many ways she quietly contributes goodness in an ongoing fashion.
Maria was surprised by winning this Superstar award, as she’s never expected to receive a pat on her back for what she does or for who she is. She said she lives her life in a way that mirrors John Lennon’s ”Imagine,” and it serves as her mantra for life.
”You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one,” Maria sang in Drumrongthai. I think she believes it, and I think she’d like it if we all sang along.
Thanks for being you, Maria!

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