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When Good People Say Nothing, Evil Wins

With the recent lawsuit filed Feb. 14 against Creswell School District regarding staff and the sexual assault of a developmentally disabled child in the elementary bathroom, the safety threat of our children clearly comes, not from from the outside, but from within.
How can this happen and why wasn’t this discovered before now?
It is my opinion, which is based on my previous experience on the Creswell School Board and the historical record and reports on like occurrences, that what we have is a perfect example of an employee that is accused of suspicious activity, yet nothing appears to have been done about it. That employee leaves, under unknown circumstances, and is employed by South Lane School District and is arrested for an assault on a student there.
You might think this is all innocent and circumstantial to a point, but the former CSD employee did go to the neighboring district where a couple of our school administrators were previous employees.
Everyone at both schools know where the accused CSD employee was previously employed and what the current accusations are, yet it is kept quiet; not even the school board is made aware of a potential and alarming issue.
Suddenly we have a problem, actually many problems. In our case, nothing happens at the elementary school. The superintendent is not aware of the situation, even though the District office and elementary school are located in close proximity.
Generally, the public is not aware that during the superintendent’s tenure, all of the personnel biographies have been removed from the District website. This is clearly, to me, an attempt to hide those connections.
To add to the bizarreness, other complaints, possibly not quite as severe as this, have been made in the past to the principal and superintendent and have been ignored as well.
I know because I made some of them.
Finally, now we have someone who has the financial wherewithal to file a civil lawsuit, which most, if not all, of the other complainants were unable to do.
To compound it, the board has been made aware of some of those previous complaints and ignored them, thus making them potentially complacent.
These are the situations where the school or the school’s insurance company will pay, and all the details will be sealed and never disclosed, although this is public information and the public truly has the right to know.
We should also be demanding why there is no state criminal investigation for failure to report suspicions as required by law, to state agencies.
Truly what we have here is clearly, and again in my opinion, a CYA on behalf of the District. Them being responsible to the children and public is not even heard in a faint whisper.
It appears the safety of our children does have a price, and for the most part, it appears to have been paid for with another free lunch, a backpack program or a PTO; immunity to those responsible for hiding this travesty has been bought and paid for.
When good people say nothing, evil wins.



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