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Emerald Valley Armory relocates, promotes responsible gun ownership

Emerald Valley Armory relocated to 147 W. Oregon Ave. this month, right in the heart of downtown Creswell. MIKE ROTHGEB/THE CRESWELL CHRONICLE

Emerald Valley Armory, the premier sporting goods and gun store in Creswell, has been providing quality firearms and gun safety training to residents of Southern Lane County since 2012. Owner and operator Raye Gunter opened his business on East Oregon Avenue but recently moved to a more convenient and larger store. On March 20, 2018, Gunter relocated to 147 W. Oregon Ave, in the heart of Creswell.
But the move didn’t happen overnight; Gunter has spent the last four months renovating and preparing for the endeavor. But even after all those months of hard work, there’s still more to do. With a one-third more space than the previous location, Gunter has plenty of room to expand his arsenal.
Gunter has over 20 years of experience in the firearm industry and eight years of active service in the United States Marine Corps. He has extensive knowledge of all the firearms he sells and the state and federal laws and regulations concerning his products.
To educate the public, Emerald Valley Armory hosts firearm safety courses for both beginner and advanced students. Led by Gunter himself, the classes consist of proper handling of firearms, laws, regulations and firing range training with a variety of guns. The classroom portion takes place at EV Armory but Gunter teaches hands-on experience at a private firing range in a controlled and safe environment.
EV Armory sells handguns, shotguns, rifles, AR-15s, ammunition, magazines, holsters and more. Gunter also buys, sells, trades and consigns firearms for the local community, and performs small repairs and special orders. Emerald Valley Armory also facilitates highly sought-after private party transfers. Gunter provides these services for less money, meaning more firearms in your private arsenal and more rounds in your magazine.
Gunter also sells handgun safes, tasers, custom EV Armory shirts and sweaters, and attachments, such as scopes, grips and sights for your favorite firearm. For the month of March, EV Armory is offering a promotion where if you spend $300 or more, you’re entered for a chance to win a free rifle. The special is only available until the end of the month and the winner must pass a background check to claim their prize.
With all the recent tragedies and the new state law passed on March 5, how does this affect Gunter and his business? With the ”boyfriend loophole” addressed earlier in the month, Oregon joins 23 other states in changing the phrasing of a ”domestic partner” to ”intimate partner.” This ruling makes it more difficult for those convicted of domestic abuse, restraining orders, stalking and other related misdemeanors from obtaining and possessing firearms, even if they weren’t cohabitating.
Gunter agrees that those convicted of said crimes should not be allowed to purchase firearms, but he’s also concerned that former partners could make unfounded accusations that could lead to confusion.
”There’s no due process. It is guilty until proven innocent,” Gunter states on the matter. Gunter is not alone and gun advocates and the Oregon Firearm Federation have concerns that the phrasing has the potential for abuse, ultimately impinging on the Second Amendment.
Every time gun control arises in the news, Gunter states that there is an initial spike in firearms sales, not only at his store but across the nation. While this may cause an immediate increase in business, overall it hinders Gunter and other stores in his position. The increased demand causes firearms to fly off the shelves and distributors to sell out their back stock. This can lead to a several month waiting period for restocking, dramatically reducing sales in the following months.
Emerald Valley Armory and their selection of firearms is something to behold and the new location and increased space are impressive. If you’re a law-abiding citizen and are serious about personal safety, the Second Amendment, and supporting Gunter and his business, check out what Emerald Valley Armory has to offer.

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