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From Alpine to Finance of America

Mortgage Advisor Elena Connelly’s business at 145 E. Oregon Ave. in Creswell has had a name change – from Alpine Mortgage to Finance of America. ERIN TIERNEY – THE CRESWELL CHRONICLE

You may have noticed a name change for Mortgage Advisor Elena Connelly’s business at 145 E. Oregon Ave. in Creswell. Alpine Mortgage now operates under Finance of America (FOA), but the company, the people and the locations haven’t changed – and neither has their quality service.
”Finance of America became (Alpine’s) parent company about three years ago,” Connelly said. Since then, FOA acquired another mortgage company and chose to put everyone under the same name.
The company still strives to offer teamwork, empowerment, positivity and excellence.
”The name change allows us to do more by becoming nationwide, and we can now offer more products that meet more specific needs and offer more competitive programs,” Connelly said.
Connelly can assist interested buyers through the mortgage process, whether it be purchasing a home or an investment property or refinancing a current loan. Connelly can assist in determining the best loan program based on individual needs.
Though there are many opportunities out there, Connelly said people sometimes believe that, based on their financial situation, there is no way they have the means to even apply for a loan. This is a huge misconception, Connelly said, as she has the tools to help people get a $0 downpayment plan.
”Don’t be hesitant to come in; let’s do a consultation and see,” Connelly said. ”It’s important to take the steps to make buying a house, or buying a car, possible down the road.”
Another misconception Connelly can assist with is finding an accurate credit score to reflect the kind of loan you’re applying for.
”Credit Karma and other credit calculating sites do not always display the most accurate score,” Connelly said. ”The score depends on what type of credit you’re applying for, whether it be a home loan or a car loan, etc.”
Different algorithms are used to determine scores, so all those scores give you a ballpark number at best, she said.
”So don’t be surprised when you apply for certain types of loans and the credit score that is generated does not match your score on these sites,” Connelly said.
Connelly offers complimentary credit consultation. The score will determine what type of loan program you qualify for. The consultation only takes about half an hour and all you need is your Social Security number and your current address for the past two years.
Connelly is excited for 2018, as there are many new programs coming down the chute to assist her customers. There are some new programs for construction and rehabilitative loans, she said, and more are in the works.
When the weather breaks, Connelly will offer an open house and parking lot party to celebrate her new business name.
You can stop by FOA Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To get in touch with Connelly, call her at 541-895-5500 or email her at [email protected]. You can check them out online at



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