Carter Cunningham, Creswell: Exploring

Louis LaRiccia, Creswell: Junior Art

Gabriella LaRiccia, Creswell: Journalism

Blake Nelson, Creswell: Human physiology 

Lucas Davey, Cottage Grove: Cinema Studies

Ashleen Kaur, Cottage Grove: Exploring

Balan Kolee, Cottage Grove: Human Services

Nathan Lee, Cottage Grove: Pre-journalism

Vinny Lima, Cottage Grove: Business administration

Gavin Sowa, Cottage Grove: Pre-business administration

Enzo Valdez, Cottage Grove: Exploring 

Alex Allen, Springfield: Human Physiology

Alex Andrade, Springfield: General social science

Kate Bakken, Springfield: Human physiology 

Tianna Betz, Springfield: Dance

Biskup Raven Antony, Springfield: Mathematics

William Boggs, Springfield: Exploring

Rosa Bravo-Castillo, Springfield: Exploring

Brizamar Carlos Flores, Springfield: Family and human services

Stacey Carlos-Cortes, Springfield: Educational foundations

Aylee DeRuiter-Sechrist, Springfield: Political science

Denali Deardorff, Springfield: Environmental Science

Travis Dronzek, Springfield: English

Karly Fear, Springfield: Biology

Crystal Fields, Springfield: Family and human services

Wendy Gillespie, Springfield: Psychology

Sean Gley, of Springfield: Spanish

Madison Grenz, Springfield: Human physiology

Morgan Gwynn, Springfield: Journalism

Yasunori Hachiya, Springfield: Exploring

Austin Hall, Springfield: Business Administration

Carlos Hernandez, Springfield: Exploring

Andy Herrera Herrera-Cerna, Springfield: Journalism advertising

Gabby Hewitt, Springfield: Marine biology

Matthew Hill, Springfield: Music education

Hunter Hoffman, Springfield: Asian studies

Alec Howard, Springfield: Music

Caity Huff, Springfield: Educational foundations

Leighanna Huston, Springfield: Spanish

Alaina Kucera, Springfield: Exploring

Madeline Lowder, Springfield: Art

Miles Manstrom, Springfield: Human physiology

Layla Martinez, Springfield: Biochemistry

Mia McCall, Springfield: Art

Hannah McLaughlin, Springfield: Art and technology

Matthew Michaels, Springfield: Mathematics

Devri Molony, Springfield: General science

Joanna Nielsen, Springfield: Human physiology

Maiko Nobori, Springfield: Exploring

Catherine Oswalt, Springfield: Journalism; Public relations

Tabitha Pack, Springfield: Computer and information science

Sadie Paschall, Springfield: Anthropology

Estrella Pena, Springfield: Philosophy

Ana Penaloza-Betancourt, Springfield: Psychology

Isabella Reed, Springfield: Journalism: Advertising

Fernando Rivera-Espinoza, Springfield: Business administration

Maddie Rogers, Springfield: Business administration

Devin Sanchez, Springfield: Music

Ciera Sanders, Springfield: Psychology

Hailey Sanders, Springfield: General social science

Emily Scherer, Springfield: Biology

Marylin Schmid, Springfield: General social science

Bryan Selby, Springfield: Business administration

Ivan Sigala-Ramos, Springfield: Exploring

Rebeca Silva Rivera, Springfield: English

Kat Sincuir, Springfield: Cinema studies

Kepler Smith, Springfield: Psychology

Jerin Spencer, Springfield: Computer and information science

Nichole Stutesman, Springfield: Spanish

Payton Swartout, Springfield: Music education

Dillon Teglovic, Springfield: Psychology

Doug Ure, Springfield: Computer and information science

Nathalie Valenzuela, Springfield: Exploring

Lizette Vasquez-Contreras, Springfield: Family and human services

Cheyenne Verano, Springfield: Educational foundations

Savannah Vogel, Springfield: Business administration

Harrison Wiesert, Springfield: Journalism: Advertising

Megan Willhoite, Springfield: Sociology

Jacob Williams, Springfield: Journalism: Advertising

Maria Zimmerman, Springfield: Art


Education briefs:

■ Parenting Now is celebrating Ana Maria Dudley as its 2022 Champion of Children. She will be honored at Parenting Now’s A Night of Hope Auction & Gala on March 4. Dudley is a Community Health Worker for PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Medical Center and the Program Coordinator for the Family Resource Center for South Lane School District, called Peggy’s Primary Connection. She has also been a Parenting Educator for Parenting Now since 2003, facilitating the Crecer program for newly immigrated Latinx families in the Cottage Grove area.

■ Oregon’s K-12 public schools will receive $64.2 million from Common School Fund in 2022, officials announced. Every one of Oregon’s 197 public school districts receives money from the Common School Fund every year. How much each district receives depends on the number of students served. The average 2022 district distribution is approximately $326,000. The 2022 distribution of $64.2 million is $4.1 million more than the 2021 distribution of $60.1 million and $9.2 million more than the 2020 distribution of $55 million.