Scene and Heard

Difficult to top

COTTAGE GROVE –  David Jones and Blaze Birge, a married couple who founded the Flynn Creek Circus 20 years ago in Anderson Valley, Calif., had their own international trapeze act, but recently put that aside for something less dangerous – they throw knives at each other, and Blaze even throws[Read More…]

Thibodeaux gets yuks at Oktoberfest

COTTAGE GROVE – The German beer was flowing, people were mingling and dancing, and everybody was chuckling as Kelly Thibodeaux played “Ain’t No Crocodile” during Saturday’s annual Oktoberfest celebration co-hosted by the Axe & Fiddle and the Brewstation.  “A lot of people come up and ask, ‘Do you really have[Read More…]

Art from the heart

“Bob Cats” by Karen Pidgeon at the City Hall Gallery.   When a viewer looks at art, it is often the subject matter, colors, or ability to capture a flower or landscape realistically that fill one with wonder and awe. We find this art beautiful, and we hang it on[Read More…]

Localizing Titanic history, brewmasters, historians fundraise for Grove museum

Marion Wright wore this heavy, wool coat on her voyage to marry Grove fruit farmer Arthur Woolcot. After she survived the titanic’s famous collision course, this coat was known among friends and family as “The Lucky Coat.” COTTAGE GROVE – It’s easy to wonder, rummaging through your great-grandmother’s closet, where[Read More…]