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Data Center: Public Safety – Week of May 9


14 years for Springfield man

 SPRINGFIELD —  A Springfield man was sentenced to federal prison last week for repeatedly possessing and distributing photos and videos depicting child sexual abuse.

Randy Lee Cook, 43, was sentenced to 168 months in federal prison and a life term of supervised release.

According to court documents, in 2006, Cook was convicted of state child pornography charges in Missouri and served a significant prison sentence for sending child sexual abuse material to a minor, engaging in sexual chats with the minor, and then engaging in additional sexual chats with an undercover law enforcement officer posing as a minor and propositioning the decoy minor for sex. Following his release from prison, Cook was required to register as a sex offender.

In the summer of 2020 and spring of 2021, investigators learned that Cook had resumed distributing child sexual abuse material online, this time using Kik Messenger, an instant messaging mobile application. Investigators traced multiple Kik accounts to Cook and learned he was residing in Springfield. On June 11, 2021, investigators executed search warrants on Cook’s residence, truck, and person. Cook’s phone was found to contain approximately 194 images and 63 videos depicting child sexual abuse.

In July 2021, he was charged by criminal complaint with possessing and distributing child pornography and arrested. On July 20, 2023, a federal grand jury in Eugene indicted him on the same charges.

In December 2023, while Cook’s case was being litigated, an FBI task force officer in Louisiana investigating an unrelated matter began conversing with an individual on Kik who was later determined to be Cook. In conversations online with the officer, Cook claimed to have engaged in sex acts with children and sent the agent an explicit video of a child. On December 14, 2023, Cook was arrested a second time when he was leaving his Springfield residence to plead guilty in federal court. On Jan. 24, Cook pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography.

Children exploitation hotline: 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or submit a tip online at

Kidnap victim rescued

VENETA – Lane County Sheriff deputies in the early hourts of April 29 arrested a man after an attempted kidnap in Veneta.

Deputies tracked the suspected to Veneta, attempted to make stop before the suspect fled east on HWY 129 and then south onto Crow Road. The victim communicated she was in the vehicle during the pursuit. 

The vehicle turned up a private driveway and a deputy conducted a PIT maneuver, disabling the vehicle and enabling the victim to escape. 

Deputies arrested Christopher Forrest Stechelin, 29, and lodged him at the Lane County Jail on charges of Elude by Vehicle, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangering, Coercion, Attempted Unlawful Use of a Vehicle, Robbery in the Third Degree, and False Information to a Peace Officer.  Stechelin was also arrested on an Oregon State Parole Board warrant.


MONDAY, APRIL 29 (68 total calls)

Top calls: Traffic stop (10), Dispute (5), Criminal trespass (4) 

1:12 am: DUII, 21st St./Centennial Blvd.

9:51 am: Traffic hazard, Pioneer Pkwy. W./Centennial Blvd.

10:43 am: Driving while suspended, 52nd St./High Banks Rd.

11:15 am: Theft by deception, 243 F St.

11:42 am: Reckless driving, N. St./12th St.

2:44 pm: Theft from vehicle, 1821 Pioneer Pkwy. E.

4:12 pm: Disorderly juvenile(s), 3333 Riverbend Dr.

4:59 pm: Theft, 2525 Olympic St.

5:25 pm: Burglary, 317 30th St.

8:09 pm: Criminal trespass, 1460 G  St.

11:44 pm: Driving while suspended, I-5 NB/Beltline EB


Top calls: Theft (9), Traffic stop (9), Person stop (5)

1:48 am: Criminal trespass, 619 18th St.

3:04 am: DUII, W. Q St./Laura St.

7:58 am: Criminal trespass, 2152 Main St.

9:08 am: Graffiti calls, 247 S. 2nd St.

9:35 am: Theft, 2525 Olympic St.

10:15 am: Assault 4, 338 S. 43rd Pl.

12:16 pm: ID theft, 5251 Main St.

12:39 pm: Recovered stolen vehicle, 505 W. N St.

1:22 pm: Theft, 2750 Gateway St.

1:31 pm: Theft by deception, 3912 Aster St.

1:43 pm: Criminal mischief, 476 S. 39th Pl.

1:49 pm: Theft, 2750 Gateway St.

2:56 pm: Abandoned vehicle, 1136 Main St.

3:22 pm: Theft, 1029 J St.

5:23 pm: Runaway(s), 942 66th Pl.

6:24 pm: DUII, Kelly Blvd./W. K St.

8:47 pm: Theft, 1210 Mohawk Blvd.

8:54 pm: Runaway(s), 77 U St.

9:23 pm: Wrong-way driver, S. A St./S. 18th St.


Top calls: Theft (9), Driving while suspended (7), Criminal trespass (6)

9:08 am: Suspicious conditions, 425 10th St.

9:39 am: Theft, 1017 Hayden Bridge Rd.

10:13 am: 444 B St.

11:25 am: Criminal mischief, 3897 Aster St.

11:47 am: Theft from vehicle, 1812 5th St.

12:06 pm: Criminal trespass, 1466 Q St.

2:56 pm: Criminal trespass, 1701 Centennial Blvd.

3:13 pm: Theft, 1899 J St.

4:02 pm: Theft, 2659 Olympic St.

4:46 pm: Hit & run, 1630 I St.

4:51 pm: Hit & run, 4223 Main St.

5:32 pm: Criminal trespass, 1611 18th St.

5:59 pm: Criminal mischief, 5040 E St.

6:31 pm: Theft, 3000 Gateway St.

8:54 pm: DUII, 30-block U St.


Top calls: Traffic stop (30), Theft (5), Criminal trespass (5)

8:27 am: Stolen vehicle, 700 1st St.

9:18 am: Theft from vehicle, 1891 Pioneer Pkwy. E.

10:36 am: Fraud, 822 Diamond St.

11:21 am: Hit & run, 225-block 5th St.

1:12 pm: Fraud, 6 Hayden Bridge Way

1:14 pm: Hit & run, 1475 A St.

1:43 pm: Theft, 1282 W. D St.

2:23 pm: Theft, 1920 Olympic St.

2:43 pm: Abandoned vehicle, 4002 A St.

3:14 pm: Minor(s) in possession, 875 7th St.

3:40 pm: Abandoned vehicle, 4061 Southway Lp.

5:03 pm: Theft, 1920 Olympic St.

5:54 pm: Theft by deception, 2000 Marcola Rd.

8:59 pm: Wrong-way driver, Pioneer Pkwy. W./E St.

10:28 pm: DUII, 1600 Centennial Blvd.

FRIDAY, MAY 3 (79)

Top calls: Traffic stop (16),Theft (6),  Criminal trespass (4)

4:40 am: Dispute, 946 Cloverleaf Lp.

10:31 am: Criminal trespass, 448 Main St.

10:32 am: Abandoned vehicle, 4395 Main St.

11:20 am: Theft, 5415 Main St.

11:27 am: Theft, 2525 Olympic St.

7:48 pm: Criminal trespass, 3333 Riverbend Dr.

8:44 pm: Theft, 2659 Olympic St.

9:48 pm: DUII, I-105 WB/Mohawk Blvd.

10:45 pm: Criminal trespass, 525 Mill St.

11:50 pm: Reckless driving, Centennial Blvd./6th St.


Top calls: Traffic stop (8), Criminal trespass (6), Disorderly subject (5) 

2:21 am: DUII, Kelly Blvd./W. Centennial Blvd.

6:15 am: Menacing, 719 Oakdale Ave.

7:10 am: Hit & run, Pioneer Pkwy. E./Q St.

8:53 am: Theft, 1520 E St.

10:00 am: Theft, 4117 Bluebelle Way

11:04 am: Criminal mischief, 3185 Gateway St.

4:17 pm: Criminal trespass, 3779 Jasper Rd.

4:38 pm: Dispute, 6100 Thurston Rd.

4:57 pm: Menacing, 6215 Main St.

5:06 pm: Forgery, 1124 Main St.

5:48 pm: Theft, 2659 Olympic St.

6:33 pm: Hit & run, 468 Harlow Rd.

SUNDAY, MAY 5 (64)

Top calls: Dispute (10), Traffic stop (9), Criminal trespass (6)

12:57 am: Prowler(s), 19 T St.

1:16 am: Dispute, 1117 34th St.

1:34 am: Disorderly subject, 3333 Riverbend Dr.

1:52 am: Dispute, 900 Beltline Rd.

2:21 am: ATL drunk driver, 740 S. 38th St.

11:56 am: Theft from vehicle, 1152 Main St.

12:42 pm: Theft, 2750 Gateway St.

12:44 pm: Criminal trespass, 971 Kruse Way

1:46 pm: Theft from vehicle, 3756 Main St.

2:23 pm: Suspicious conditions, 18th St./Main St.

2:51 pm: Recovered stolen vehicle, 225-block 5th St.

6:35 pm: Found child(ren), 537 S. 53rd St.

6:42 pm: Theft, 1210 Mohawk Blvd.

7:10 pm: Unattended child(ren), 1587 B St.

9:50 pm: Injured animal(s), 890 Mountainate Dr.

9:55 pm: Dispute, 567 53rd Pl.



1:41 am: Trespass, 305 E. Oregon Ave.

10:27 am: Dog at large, 996 A St.

3:45 pm: Disorderly subject, 305 E. Oregon Ave.

5:59 pm: License plate theft, 700 Kings Row

8:04 pm: Trespass, 165 E. Oregon Ave.

8:49 pm: Overdue, 99 W. F St.

9:32 pm: Suicidal subject, 400 Art Lott Ln.


5:18 pm: Suspicious subject, 165 E. Oregon Ave.

7:40 pm: Dog at large, S. 3rd St./Mary Neal Ln.

8:02 pm: Overdose, 99 W. F St.


7:56 am: Civil service, 400 Auburn Ln.

2:44 pm: Car accident with injury, 265 E. Oregon Ave.

6:52 pm: Suspicious subject, 165 E. Oregon Ave.

7:22 pm: Suspicious conditions, D St./S. Front St.


7:10 am: Disorderly subject, 274 E. Oregon Ave.

11:30 am: Suspicious subject, 375 E. Oregon Ave.

8:22 pm: Theft, 190 Emerald Pkwy.

10:02 pm: Loud noise, 655 W. Oregon Ave.


11:30 am: Suspicious conditions, 150 F St.

11:48 am: Dog bite, 420 S. 2nd St.

12:25 pm: Fraud, 298 E. Oregon Ave.

1:13 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 247 Melton Rd.

2:57 pm: Disorderly juvenile, 655 W. Oregon Ave.

4:24 pm: Reckless driving, 800 S. Front St.


1:56 am: Dispute, 100 S. 5th St.

11:29 am: Gun turn in, Creswell area

8:01 pm: Mental health subject, 305 E. Oregon Ave.


10:38 am: Shots fired, 100 Almond Way

1:50 pm: Suspicious conditions, 345 E. Oregon Ave.



1:54 am: Trespass, 1500-block Village Dr.

7:01 am: Theft, 700-block Row River Rd.

7:10 am: Disturbance, 1500-block Gateway Blvd.

7:48 am: School patrol, 1500-block S. 4th St.

8:18 am: Theft, 3000-block Row River Rd.

8:23 am: Traffic hazard, 200-block N. 8th St.

8:34 am: Criminal mischief, 900-block S. River Rd.

9:28 am: Trespass, 700-block Gibbs Ave.

11:24 am: Illegal camping, 1400-block N. Douglas St.

11:35 am: Abandoned vehicle, 100-block N. N St.

11:58 am: Abandoned vehicle, 2000-block S. 6th St.

12:20 pm: Harassment, 1000-block S. 8th St.

1:03 pm: Criminal mischief, 1400-block S. 8th St.

1:30 pm: Trespass, 100-block N. N St.

2:06 pm: Assault, 200-block S. 16th St.

4:08 pm: Suspicious conditions, 700-block E. Main St.

4:13 pm: Found dog, 1100-block Polk Ave.

16:47: Mental, 800-block Gateway Blvd.

17:29: Dog at large, 200-block N. 12th St.

20:36: Child abuse, 1900-block S. 6th St.


1:07 am: Suspicious vehicle, 1300-block E. Main St.

1:13 am: Suspicious vehicle, 1500-block E. Main St.

2:02 am: Child abuse, 1200-block Birch Ave.

7:50 am: Suspicious conditions, 1500-block Gateway Blvd.

9:09 am: Abandoned vehicle, 300-block S. 16th St.

9:23 am: Trespass, 800-block E. Main St.

9:38 am: Disturbance, 700-block S. R St.

9:51 am: Welfare check, 900-block Row River Rd.

9:59 am: Trespass, 800-block E. Main St.

10:28 am: Welfare check, 200-block Quincy Ave.

11:46 am: Illegal parking, 100-block S. 7th St.

1:55 pm: Assault, 100-block Village Dr.

2:12 pm: Child abuse, 100-block Gateway Blvd.

2:25 pm: Harassment, 600-block E. Washington Ave.

5:26 pm: Suspicious Conditions, Coop Ct.

5:53 pm: Juvenile, 500-block 3rd St.

8:32 pm: Suspicious conditions, 700-block Hwy. 99

8:33 pm: Theft, 1500-block E. Main St.

10:15 pm: Theft, 200-block Gateway Blvd.

11:25 pm: Loud music complaint, 200-block N. 12th St.


1:47 am: Suspicious vehicle, 1400-block N. Douglas St.

9:07 am: Trespass, 700-block E. Gibbs Ave.

9:18 am: Assault, 1600-block E. Main St.

9:34 am: Illegal parking, 600-block N. 16th St.

10:52 am: Theft, 500-block Hwy. 99

11:24 am: Disturbance, 100-block Gateway Blvd.

11:30 am: Dog at large, 1800-block S. 4th St.

12:13 pm: Disorderly subject, 1300-block Birch Ave.

2:17 pm: Unlawful entry into vehicle, 2500-block E. Main St.

2:50 pm: Disturbance, 900-block Row River Rd.

4:27 pm: Criminal mischief, 1300-block E. Main st.

8:36 pm: Disorderly subject, 100-block S. 6th St.


2:52 am: Warrant service, 1400-block N. Douglas St.

8:28 am: Theft, 1300-block S. 8th St.

9:04 am: Trespass, 1500-block Gateway Blvd.

10:28 am: Stolen vehicle, 1600-block Pritchett Pl.

11:11 am: Trespass, 30000-block Nichols Ln.

2:43 pm: Vehicle crash, 1500-block E. Main St.

2:55 pm: Fire, 400-block S. River Rd.

2:58 pm: Vicious dog, 100-block Palmer Ave.

3:03 pm: Disturbance, 400-block E. Main St.

7:43 pm: Harassment, 1600-block Gateway Blvd.

8:22 pm: Disorderly subject, 800-block Gateway Blvd.


5:50 am: Illegal camping, 100-block S. 10th St.

6:11 am: Suspicious Conditions, 700-block E. Main St.

2:24 pm: Trespass, 1200-block S. River Rd.

2:42 pm: Fraud, 900-block N. Douglas St.

4:10 pm: Fraud, 1300-block S. River Rd.

4:50 pm: Assault, 500-block Hwy. 99

5:52 pm: Mental health subject, 1400-block Gateway Blvd.


11:10 am: Theft, 300-block N. 9th St.

11:15 am: Found dog, 100-block N. 14th St.

2:48 pm: Traffic hazard, 600-block Blue Sky Dr.

7:51 pm: Shots fired, 1300-block Gateway Blvd.


1:42 pm: Order violation, 1100-block E. Quincy Ave.

4:23 pm: Disorderly subject, 100-block Gateway Blvd.

5:25 pm: Illegal camping, 2100-block N. Douglas St.

79:40 pm: Criminal mischief, 1200-block Hwy. 99

8:58 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 1500-block E. Main St.


MONDAY, APRIL 29 (188 total calls)

Medical responses: 159

1:14 am: Assist police, 41379 W. Boundary Rd., LOW

9:38 am: Fire alarm, 333 58th St., SPR

10:12 am: Assist police, 400 E. Main St., CG

10:36 am: Assist police, 33322 Row River Rd., CG


Medical responses: 149 

10:51 pm: Trash bin fire, Pioneer Pkwy. E/D St., SPR

11:40 pm: Brush fire, 88165 Lindsay Ln., VEN


Medical responses: 136

2:41 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 265 E. Oregon Ave., CRE

2:42 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 4300-block Main St., SPR

3:52 pm: Bike accident, 31st St./W St., SPR

6:27 pm: Trash bin fire, 3000 Gateway St., SPR


Medical responses: 134

7:59 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Centennial Blvd./Pioneer Pkwy. W., SPR

11:32 am: Bike accident, Jack Kelley Dr./Territorial Rd., VEN

2:44 pm: Vehicle-pedestrian accident, 1498 E. Main St., CG

2:57 pm: House fire, 445 S. River Rd., CG

6:47 pm: Brush fire, Row River Rd./Gateway Blvd., CG

FRIDAY, MAY 3 (190)

Medical responses: 156

5:34 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 735 I-105 EB, SPR

2:07 pm: Gas leak, minor structure, 1499 Mohawk Blvd., SPR

4:42 pm: Vehicle fire, Main St./54th St., SPR

10:09 pm: Assault with injury, 24863 Cheney Dr., VEN


Medical responses: 123

2:25 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Kelly Blvd./W. Centennial Blvd., SPR

8:57 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 26093 Perkins Rd., VEN

9:04 pm: Car accident with injury, Franklin Blvd./Main St., SPR

SUNDAY, MAY 5 (118)

Medical responses: 91

3:06 pm: Water rescue, Territorial Hwy./MP19, VEN

9:02 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 623 I-105 WB, SPR

10:59 pm: Vehicle fire, 1973 18th St., SPR



■ Pinocchio’s Pizza, 1795 E. Main St., CG. Score: 73

■ O’Briens Place, 1509 Mohawk Blvd., SPR. Score: 100

■ Starbucks Coffee #2976, 1499 Mohawk Blvd., SPR. Score: 100

■ El Charro, 495 Harlow Rd., SPR. Score: 100

■ Java Generations II, LLC, 450 Harlow Rd., SPR. Score: 84


■ The Axe & Fiddle, 657 E. Main St., CG. Score: 95

■ Aiyara Thai Bistro, 1010 Harlow Rd., SPR. Score: 97

■ Dairy Queen, 714 S. Goshen-Divide Hwy., CG. Score: 89


■ Starbucks Coffee Company #59312, 1810 Pioneer Pkwy. W., SPR. Score: 97

■ Chicken Bonz Express, 1815 Pioneer Pkwy. E., SPR. Score: 97


■ OBA Ramen, 811 E. Main St., CG. Score: 95

■ Hot Spot Express, 819 E. Main St., CG. Score: 100

■ Pour 818, LLC, 818 E. Main St., CG. Score: 100


■ Secret Lounge, 1195 Main St., SPR. Score: 95




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