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LTE: Officer a godsend in ice storm

Dear Editor,

On Monday morning of this recent storm with temperatures in our home in the 40s and no cell phone service to call for any help, my wife and I, both in our 70s, tried to figure a way out of this ice storm crisis.

Suddenly, a knock on our door brought us to the window where we saw a police car right in front of our home. It was Officer Mike, who told us Ingrid’s daughter, Ann, in Eugene, unable to get in touch with us for many hours, had called the police for an elderly check to see if we were okay. He was like a godsend.

Officer Mike told us he had room in his vehicle for the both of us if we wanted to get out of our freezing home and into a warm place. I called one of my friends in Eugene who said he had power, a spare bedroom, and was willing to take us in.

After Officer Mike checked on a number of other Cottage Grove residents, he came back to us and we headed for Eugene, slowly but surely, using Highway 99 to get to the Beltline and to my friend’s home. We thanked him for saving us and wanted everyone to know how Officer Mike and the other Sheriff deputies helped out in this huge crisis.

It is time the police received kudos and love for all the hard work they do every day. Our prayers for safety go to Officer Mike and all the other wonderful policemen who put their life on the line every day. We got our power back after six days, but we will never forget the day a good hearted brave man came to our rescue.

Al Galasso
Cottage Grove



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