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Public Safety: Week of Oct. 5

K9s catch two after car pursuit, foot chase

SPRINGFIELD – Two men were arrested and charged after a multi-agency car pursuit and then a chase by K-9 officers on Sept. 27. The capture involved a spike strip on I-5, the Oregon State Police, Lane County Sherriff’s Office, and K-9s Kirby and Gryff. 

The incident began when SPD officers pulled over driver Zachary Foster Luke, 33, of Jefferson, Ore., and passenger Donald Blake Miller, 26, Junction City, at 14th & I streets at 1:44 a.m.

According to an SPD news released: “As officers approached the  vehicle, the driver sped away … Officers  contacted multiple partner agencies in the area as the vehicle reached high speeds and began  traveling northbound on I-5. A spike strip was successfully deployed by an Oregon State Police Trooper near the Beltline overpass, causing the vehicle to slow its speed.

“The vehicle then attempted to drive the wrong way on the I-5 northbound onramp near Coburg, nearly striking an oncoming semi-truck. A pursuing SPD officer used a driving maneuver to immobilize the vehicle. The driver and passenger ran from the scene across multiple lanes of I-5 traffic. Two of  the pursuing SPD officers deployed their K9s; Kirby and his handler were able to locate the passenger and take him  into custody without incident; K9 Gryff and his handler pursued the driver, and were able to catch the suspect. A search of the vehicle revealed multiple, readily accessible firearms and over five ounces of suspected fentanyl, which is the equivalent of over 70,000 lethal doses. Both Luke and Miller were wanted in relation to parole violations and were lodged at the Lane County Jail. 

Suspicious death ends in arrest: SPD officers located a man with suspicious injuries, lying on the sidewalk in the 100 block of S. 46th St. at 2:02 a.m. on Sept. 28. He was transported to Riverbend Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. Evidence located at the scene determined the death was a homicide. Detectives learned the incident stemmed from a relationship dispute. Evidence at the scene indicated a woman was missing and an unknown person had possibly kidnapped her and fled in a silver van. After contacting several acquaintances of the victim, the woman was identified and located safe and uninjured on Sept. 29. After hours of being with the suspect, she managed to escape and return to Springfield. The suspect was identified as the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Isaac Henry McGrew, 48, Marcola, Ore.

On Sept. 30, detectives determined McGrew had fled the state to a family member’s residence in Chico, Calif. After SPD detectives identified a location of McGrew’s whereabouts, they contacted Butte County Sheriff’s Office for assistance with apprehending McGrew. McGrew and the suspect vehicle were located late at night on Sept. 30. He was arrested without incident and is housed at the Butte County Jail pending extradition to Oregon.

Sting yields Target shoplifters: The Springfield PD’s Crime Reduction Unity (CRU) partnered with Target store staffers to on a special shoplifting assignment. On the week of Sept. 25 – during a four-hour period – 10 people were arrested  for stealing various items including electronics, clothing,  housewares, personal-care items, and food at the store, 2750 Gateway St. Most of the individuals were cited to appear in the Springfield Municipal Court; one of the people arrested for theft also had outstanding arrest warrants and was taken into custody without incident. This is the second retail theft mission SPD has engaged in recently.


MONDAY, SEPT. 25 (66 total calls)

Top calls: Traffic stop (18), Dispute (6), Driving while suspended (5) 

12:57 am: Criminal trespass, 2800 Gateway St.

1:08 pm: Theft, 4124 Main St.

4:01 pm: Hit & run, 2659 Olympic St.

4:10 pm: Theft, 1340 Q St.

4:31 pm: Theft, 199 Q St.

5:25 pm: Theft, 576 64th St.

5:35 pm: DUII, I-105 WB/42nd St.

8:57 pm: Burglary, 885 Oakdale Ave.

TUESDAY, SEPT. 26 (61)

Top calls: Traffic stop (12), Abandoned vehicle (10), Dispute (5)

12:38 am: Shot(s) fired, 999 S. A St.

8:48 am: Theft from vehicle, 177 19th St.

9:27 am: Theft from vehicle, 1800 Centennial Blvd.

3:07 pm: Theft, 2152 Marcola Rd.

4:29 pm: Criminal trespass, S. A St./Franklin Blvd.

8:27 pm: Shot(s) fired, 488 S. 52nd St.

9:16 pm: Criminal trespass, 4209 Franklin Blvd., Eugene

9:54 pm: Hit & run, 450-block Harlow Rd.

10:07 pm: Criminal trespass, 1515 Main St.

11:20 pm: Weapons offense, Water St./Fairview Dr.


Top calls: Traffic stop (16), Abandoned vehicle (12), Theft (7)

6:51 am: Criminal trespass, 2659 Olympic St.

7:26 am: Criminal trespass, 637 B St.

11:58 am: ID theft, 6354 C St.

4:41 pm: Theft by deception, 765 64th St.

5:32 pm: Assault, 333 58th St.

9:53 pm: Theft from vehicle, 4221 Main St.

10:11 pm: Theft from vehicle, 3333 Riverbend Dr.


Top calls: Traffic stop (5), Theft (5), Criminal trespass (5)

1:22 am: Assault, 3405 Gateway St.

1:58 am: Stab wound, 1000-block Main St.

6:23 am: Missing person(s), 361 S. 70th St.

8:37 am: Theft from vehicle, 1500 Main St.

8:56 am: Reckless burning, 1526 Main St.

11:32 am: Assault 4, 621 F St.

12:35 pm: License plate theft, 2005 Marcola Rd.

12:49 pm: Criminal trespass, 1975 E St.

1:21 pm: Weapons offense, 321 S. 40th St.

1:49 pm: Stolen vehicle, 5755 Main St.

4:37 pm: Theft, 2730 Gateway St.

5:03 pm: DUII, 181 73rd St.

6:15 pm: Assault, 2816 Main St.

6:22 pm: Theft, 2659 Olympic St.

8:35 pm: Vehicle-pedestrian accident, W. Centennial Blvd./Rainbow Dr.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 29 (112)

Top calls: Traffic stop (32), Dispute (12), Theft (10) 

1:57 am: Pursuit, Harlow Rd./Gateway St.

6:27 am: Theft by deception, 16th St./Q St.

10:24 am: Unlawful vehicle entry, 901 S. 72nd St.

10:44 am: Illegal burning, 1320 F St.

11:59 am: Theft from vehicle, 460 26th St.

12:58 pm: Theft from vehicle, F St./63rd St.

1:49 pm: Theft from vehicle, 305 24th St.

2:09 pm: Criminal trespass, 1920 Olympic St.

2:18 pm: Theft, 5511 Main St.

4:54 pm: Unlawful vehicle entry, 345 24th St.

5:02 pm: Burglary, 633 Shelley St.

8:19 pm: Theft, 4580 Aster St.

10:43 pm: DUII, S. 2nd St./S. A St.

11:03 pm: DUII, 1611 18th St.


Top calls: Traffic stop (27), Theft (9), Criminal mischief (5)

1:41 am: DUII, 21st St./G St.

6:16 am: Criminal trespass, 1611 18th St.

9:06 am: Recovered stolen vehicle, 6th St./M St.

9:10 am: Theft, 5312 Main St.

10:29 am: DUII, 4700-block Main St.

2:01 pm: Criminal trespass, 222 Chapman Ln.

3:16 pm: Theft, 5511 Main St.

5:24 pm: Theft, 687 W. Centennial Blvd.

5:51 pm: Driving while suspended, Bob Straub Pkwy./Main St.

7:11 pm: Found child(ren), 3315 Gateway St.

8:20 pm: Theft, 650 Q  St.

8:37 pm: Burglary, 717 Oakdale Ave.

9:51 pm: Theft, 1920 Olympic St.

10:01 pm: Theft, 3000 Gateway St.

11:58 pm: DUII, 453 I-105 WB

SUNDAY, OCT. 1 (65)

Top calls: Traffic stop (17), Dispute (7), Criminal trespass (7) 

11:30 am: Recovered stolen vehicle, 520 Harlow Rd.

5:26 pm: Recovered stolen vehicle, 1741-block Concord Ave., Eugene

5:45 pm: Theft, 1920 Olympic St.



9:22 am: Disorderly subject, 70 Emerald Pkwy.

10:48 am: Disabled vehicle, 305 E. Oregon Ave.

7:34 pm: Trespassing, 85 Emerald Pkwy.

7:50 pm: Criminal mischief, 145 N. 2nd St.


9:05 am: Arrest, W. Oregon Ave./S. Front St.

10:27 am: Civil service, 1121 Cedar Pl.

7:55 pm: Harassment, 213 S. Front St.


12:36 am: Prowler, 1238 Creswood Dr.

11:22 am: Criminal mischief, 231 Creswood Dr.

4:20 pm: Civil standby, 100 N. 10th St.


9:46 am: Special assignment, 33390 Niblocok Ln.

1:48 pm: Minor in possession, 33390 Niblock Ln.

5:00 pm: Reckless driving, I-5/E. Oregon Ave.

5:33 pm: Car accident, no injury, 150 N. Mill St.

8:50 pm: Dispute, S. Mill St./E. Oregon Ave.

9:54 pm: Dispute, 449 Morse Ave.


10:08 am: Restraining order, 87 S. 2nd St.

1:50 pm: Violation of restraining order, 13 S. 1st St.

5:38 pm: Civil standby, 1121 Cedar Pl.


9:20 am: Special assignment, 116 Melton Rd.

9:34 am: Stolen vehicle, 510 S. 9th St.

2;55 pm: Violation of restraining order, 149 S. Front St.


4:43 pm: Dispute, 345 E. Oregon Ave.

9:54 pm: Disorderly subject, 291 Creswood Dr.


MONDAY, SEPT. 25 (207 total calls)

Medical responses: 157

2:02 am: Car accident, injury unknown, McKenzie Hwy./MP17, Springfield

2:03 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Jasper Rd./MP02, Springfield

7:06 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 39565 McKenzie Hwy., Springfield

5:05 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 3185 Gateway St., Springfield

TUESDAY, SEPT. 26 (194)

Medical responses: 157

7:35 am: Smoke from a structure, 108 Centennial Blvd., Springfield

7:10 pm: Vehicle in water, McKenzie Hwy./MP13, Springfield

9:33 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 1200-block S. A St., SPR

11:13 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 85154 Cloverdale Rd., Creswell


Medical responses: 174

8:30 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 42nd St./E St., Springfield

8:37 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 42119 McKenzie Hwy., Springfield

3:36 pm: Car accident with injury, Bob Straub Pkwy./Jasper Rd., Springfield

5:09 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, Mohawk Blvd./Olympic St., SPR

THURSDAY, SEPT. 28 (207)

Medical responses: 172

1:22 am: Vehicle-pedestrian accident, 3405 Gateway St., Springfield

1:58 am: Stab wound, 1000-block Main St., Springfield

10:30 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Mohawk Blvd./Q St., SPR

11:39 am: Assault with injury, 621 F St., Springfield

FRIDAY, SEPT. 29 (186)

Medical responses: 160

7:56 am: Car accident, injury unknown, S. A St./S. 5th St., Springfield

9:18 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Jasper Rd./Mahogany Ln., Springfield

SATURDAY, SEPT. 30 (188)

Medical responses: 155

2:29 pm: House fire, Aster St./S. 67th St., Springfield

SUNDAY, OCT. 1 (179)

Medical responses: 142

7:09 pm: Illegal burning, 88034 Chita Lp., Springfield



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