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LTE: More food for thought on Springfield housing deficit

Thanks for the informative article, “Housing crisis a multi-faceted issue” in the Aug. 3 edition of The Chronicle. 

One factor left out was whole-house rentals via Airbnb and such. I used to rent part of a tri-plex that is now all Airbnb. Three tenants had to find new places to live in a tight market.

I am not against capitalism until it is at the expense of the greater good. If you want to replace your lawn or driveway with an ADU, good on you; that is a benefit for all.

America is an individualistic society, but we have rallied in times of need, such as war supply rationing. This is such a time. 

Here is a proposal for Springfield as developers and contractors try to build us out of the deficit: anyone with a whole house, plex, or apartment in the short-term rental pool can put their units back into the local rental pool for several years. 

Wouldn’t you rather live in a neighborhood filled with happy and engaged citizens instead of fly-by-night visitors? Trust me, the tourists will be fine.

Jennifer Archer 




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