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Dear Editor,

On Sept. 16, a 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish girl named Mahsa Amini was beaten to death by the morality police in Tehran, Iran. Her only crime was that she had shown a few strands of her hair from under her hijab (head covering). Her death led to widespread protests against Iranian regime’s oppressive policies.

The protests have been primarily led by young women. These courageous women stand in front of live bullets to demand democracy, freedom and the end to theocracy while chanting “woman-life-freedom” and getting support from many men.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has responded by cutting off the internet and then killing hundreds of protestors, torturing and imprisoning thousands more to try to squash this woman-led revolution.

Some Americans wonder why they should even care about events in Iran. Here are two reasons:

The issue of democracy in Iran is important to Iranian-Americans. If the current administration continues its negotiation with the Islamic Republic while the regime is killing its people, many Iranian Americans will show their displeasure by boycotting the 2022 election. This will have a huge implication for the midterm elections especially in close races in California where many Iranian Americans live.

Americans should support democracy in Iran because a democratic Iran will bring stability to the Middle East. A democratic Iran means a secure Israel. A democratic Iran will benefit Ukraine. Overthrowing the mullahs in Iran will be a blow to Putin as well as the authoritarian regime in Venezuela.

Americans have a moral duty to support human rights and freedom in Iran because a free Iran will ultimately benefit the United States and the whole world.

Rebecca DesPrez, An Iranian-American living in Springfield



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