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Creswell, Cottage Grove roads see construction

Creswell’s long-problematic railroad interection at West Oregon Avenue and Highway 99 will begin repair work on Oct. 7.

Creswell and Cottage Grove residents can expect to see construction on common stretches of highways. In Cottage Grove, construction is underway on Highway 99 on the northern end of Cottage Grove. The roughly $6.3 million “Urban Upgrade” project will cover a stretch of Highway 99 between Woodson Place and where the Coast Fork Willamette River meets the highway to the north, according to updates from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

In Creswell, the railroad crossing at the intersection of West Oregon Avenue and Highway 99 is in need of repair, and ODOT and Central Oregon Pacific Railroad will be making improvements this fall, beginning on Oct. 7. 

To provide a wider and level path, improvements will be made to the pedestrian crossing on the south side with truncated domes. The domes will be installed on either side of the tracks and one sidewalk curb ramp will be improved. 

To provide a smoother crossing, CORP railroad is replacing the siding and mainline tracks across the Highway 99 with concrete panels.

Above, the northern end of Cottage Grove’s Highway 99 has been under construction, as an “urban upgrade is needed to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities. 

During construction, passersby can expect shoulder and lane closures, delays and construction noise. Railroad work will create a road closure, estimated from Oct. 7 to 11. During the full road closure, detours and alternate routes will be marked. 

To access Highway 99 north of the closure, use I-5 and take exit 182. To access Highway 99 south of the closure, use I-5 and take exit 176.

In Cottage Grove, the identified stretch of road is in need of repair and improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities. This was in part due to reports that this area of roadway has over time seen at least two pedestrian deaths.

ODOT plans to change the roadway to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane, build new sidewalks and bike lanes to current ADA standards, install a crosswalk with a rectangular rapid-flashing beacon (RRFB), replace the signal at the Woodson Place intersection and repave the roadway.​

An interactive map and updates on the project can be found by visiting at