Police need help ID’ing suspects

LANE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE/CRESLANE SECURITY STILLTwo suspects, believed to be two juvenile boys, broke into Creslane Elementary School on July 28. Police are looking for help identifying the suspects. Call 541-682-4150 opt 1. Reference Case #22-4136.

CRESWELL – Two young suspects were captured on video stealing ice cream and smearing paint over the walls and floors of a Creslane Elementary School classroom on Thursday, July 28 around 3 a.m. 

Police are seeking public assistance in identifying the suspects. Tom Speldrich, sergeant with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, said that the suspects – believed to be two juvenile boys – likely came home with paint on their attire, as they appear to have gotten paint on their clothing and shoes during the vandalism.

While in the school located at 99 W. A St., the suspects stole ice cream and found paint supplies in a Special Services classroom. They poured paint all over the floor, walls and other classroom items, Speldrich said. 

The manner in which the suspects broached school security measures is still under investigation, Speldrich said.

The first suspect is seen wearing a dark color hooded sweatshirt with dark color pants and dark colored tennis shoes. He is also wearing what appears to be a camo backpack. 

The second suspect is seen wearing a dark color hooded sweatshirt with light color pants. He was wearing black flip flops with a white striped pattern over the toes.  

Cost to repair/replace the damaged items is likely to exceed $1,500, Speldrich said. Anyone with information regarding the identities or whereabouts of the suspects is asked to call the LCSO at 541-682-4150 opt 1. Reference Case #22-4136.

Speldrich said that, in dealing with a juvenile offense, the suspects would be referred to Lane County Juvenile Court. “The court would likely work with those charged and their parents, as well as the school district to come up with an acceptable resolution.” Speldrich said. “Whether that involves probation, restitution or community service hours, the Juvenile Court will decide.”