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Kelly Leigh Vaughn: March 30, 1960 – April 5, 2022

On April 5, 2022, Kelly Leigh Vaughn, of Springfield, Ore., passed away. Her last days were spent in the comfort of her home, surrounded by her loving family.

On March 30, 1960, Kelly was born to her adoring parents, Carol “Sheila” Redick and William Lloyd (“W.L.” or “Bud”) Redick. Her brother, Bruce, was not initially fond of having a baby sister, though the two grew to love each other in time. (After at least one broken window between them!)

The family lived in North Bend for most of Kelly’s childhood. When the Redicks moved to Springfield, Kelly spent her senior year at Springfield High School, where she graduated in 1978.

After graduating high school, Kelly pursued a career as a hairdresser and attended a local beauty school. She worked as a stylist for 15 years. Even after she was finished doing hair professionally, Kelly still enjoyed braiding and styling her daughters’ hair. Both of her daughters can attest to many mornings spent sitting in a chair with Kelly working her magic (and not being gentle with the knots!).

Kelly met her husband, Michael, in 2002 through Yahoo! Personals. The two married in 2004, in the backyard of their home. Kelly’s daughter, Kyla, and Michael’s daughter, Jordan, both had roles in the wedding. Kelly had a talent for crafting and decorating and made most of the wedding items herself.

Kelly and Michael shared many hobbies and passions together. Michael taught Kelly how to bowl, took her on quad and dirt bike rides on the Oregon coast, and shared his large collection of music with her. They enjoyed spending cozy nights watching movies or TV or listening to music. Theirs was a close, special kind of love.

Kelly loved the little things in life. She was the “queen of sweets,” never one to pass up a cookie or a piece of chocolate. Candles and incense were often lit in her home. Thrift shopping was one of her favorite pastimes, always one to find some hidden gem at Goodwill or St. Vinny’s. Holidays were her absolute favorite time of year. She was an expert at carving pumpkins and decorating a Christmas tree. An avid gardener, she was proud of her rose bushes and vegetable garden. She loved animals, had many pets throughout her life, and was always excited to see a hummingbird at one of her feeders.

During her two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, Kelly took up crochet and made beautiful yarn hearts, scarves, and blankets. She also enjoyed “paint by sticker” books and adult coloring books. She adopted a cat from S.A.R.A.’s Treasures, whom she renamed “Quizno” because of her curly tail. While Quizno was a bit more rambunctious than Kelly was prepared for, she brought her great comfort throughout her fight.

Kelly was preceded by her mother, Carol; her father, Bud; and her brother, Bruce. She is survived by her husband, Michael; her daughters, Kyla and Jordan; her son-in-law, Trevor; and her grandson, Bryson.

Per her wishes, Kelly will be laid to rest on the Oregon Coast … somewhere beautiful.



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