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Letters: Keep Bi-Mart pharmacy; grateful for local businesses; Clark endorses Stram for mayor

We need to keep Bi-Mart pharmacy 

Dear Editor:

We have all been blessed for a long time to have our pharmaceuticals available in Creswell.  Now we are hearing that Walgreens may move our convenience and need away soon. Please join with us and Michelle Amberg of City of Creswell to implore Walgreens and Bi-Mart to keep our efficient pharmacy here and local.

Martin and Sharlene Neff, Creswell


Grateful for local businesses in Creswell

Dear Editor:

Creswell community can be so proud of our little town. The service our businesses bring to us is so appreciated. Today I want to thank the many businesses that keep Creswell beautiful. 

The City of Creswell maintains the Harry Holt park and the flower baskets down Oregon Ave. I also appreciate the landscaping at Bill Spencer’s 76 station, the Point S, Banner bank, the post office, trailer Park new landscaping, the Bi-Mart tractor store mall, Dairy Mart and Dairy Queen, Blue Valley Bistro. 

Thank you businesses for keeping Creswell efficient, friendly and beautiful for us to enjoy.

— Brenda Olsen, Creswell


Business owner endorses Stram for Creswell mayor

Dear Editor:

My name is Seth Clark and I’m most notably recognized as the owner of Blue Valley Bistro. My wife and I have owned and operated Blue Valley Bistro for over 11 years now. We are also homeowners in this community, having purchased our house in 2013, just around the corner from the middle school. 

I am currently in my seventh year as a commissioner of the planning commission, and was a citizen committee member for two cycles of the budget committee under Mayor Stram’s guide. From this vantage point, I would like to officially endorse the appointment of Mr. Dave Stram to Mayor of Creswell.

I have seen the state of Creswell before, during, and after his terms, and have witnessed, first hand, the impact his leadership has had on this town.

There is no doubt the divisiveness of Creswell is part of a larger national trend, but I do believe under Mr. Stram’s guide, the events surrounding and following July 4th, would have been handled differently. I believe what this town is in need of is a leader who has proven their ability to bring people together for the common good. 

Mr. Stram has done this as evident by the following observation. In my place of business, often seen as a community gathering spot in which some of our elected official, city employees, and cornerstones of our community frequent, I did not, nor have not heard conversation giving rise to any incompetence of Mayor Stram. Contrarily, over the years, I have heard countless remarks about the quality of his character. Mr. Stram is selfless in his pursuit, passionate about Creswell, fiscally responsible, and knows how to lead. Please consider these traits and many others that make Mr. Dave Stram the right person for the job.

— Seth Clark, Creswell


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