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Letters: Former publisher writes; kudos for coverage; Community Singers back at it

Former publisher: ’Keep up the great work!’

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to The Chronicle for its impressive awards!

I and my wife Judy were publishers of The Creswell Chronicle in 1974-75. Last week we passed through on our travels and proudly picked up a copy of The Chronicle. 

Glad to see that it still offers a voice to the local community and to see that that community has expanded to include Springfield and Cottage Grove. 

When we owned it we had three newspapers with common pages: Creswell Chronicle, Lowell Lakeside News (including the Pleasant Hill PleasanTimes) and the Coburg Countryman. Bought the papers from Dennis and Myra Hunt and sold them to Ray Linker. Great memories!

Keep up the great work!

Dan Ramsey, Former publisher

The Creswell Chronicle


Appreciative of Chronicle’s hyper-local coverage

Dear Editor: 

Thank you so much for your delightful article in this week’s Chronicle on the history and closure of the Village Green Motor Hotel.

 The Green has been a mainstay for 61 years in the community. It has been bread and butter for many employees, a meeting place for business dealings to improve our local economy. The list of benefits of having an establishment such as the Green is not limited to a few words.

 Needless to say, the Village Green is a very unique business that has seen its better days and run its course.

 Also, I want to congratulate the Chronicle, its staff and writers, for the nine first-place awards for newspaper professionalism and journalism. It is a well laid out weekly publication, and most enjoyable to read on a Thursday afternoon.

 I want to applaud you again for the splendid job you do on your obituary page. 

It demonstrates respect for our friends and relatives who have passed, and I particularly appreciate the fact you put the U.S. Flag at the corner of the announcement of a veteran. A job well done. And it is appreciated.   

Don Williams

Cottage Grove

Editor’s note: Don Williams is a regular contributor to The Chronicle.


Creswell Community Singers are back at it, seeking members

To The Editor:

The last rehearsal for Creswell Community Singers was in March 2020. I had decided that I would not restart directing until we could sing without masks and social distancing. Well, the rules of the pandemic continued into 2021.

In February, I saw online that my nephew’s high school chorus in Tampa, Fla. perform while wearing masks. As I am from Florida and my first teaching job was in Tampa, I was very interested in how this concert would turn out. Much to my surprise, it was outstanding. 

After watching the program, I began thinking about the possibilities with the Creswell Community Singers. I have had the pleasure of working with the Singers since their inception in fall of 2016. 

We rehearsed weekly and sang our hearts out. I was taken by surprise by the ability of the Singers because most of them are retired, but I learned that regardless of their ages they could sing with a great sound and spirit.  

I have missed making music with this exceptional group of people. I have learned that Creswell and the surrounding areas have wonderful citizens. 

I taught music at Creslane for 30 years (1971-2001) and have a special connection to so many people in Creswell. I realized that I should not worry about masks and work to get the Creswell Community Singers restarted with Singers who are willing to sing even with facial coverings. I missed my friends, the Singers, as well as the beautiful music they made.

This story has a good ending. We are getting back together with Singers who are willing to wear a facial covering, and we are going to have a good time. 

We have a new webmaster, Melanie Wilson, of Cottage Grove, who has 22 years experience working on websites. 

Moreover, we have some excellent and fun new music to enjoy! I am looking forward to our first rehearsal at Creswell Church of Christ on Wednesday, Oct. 6, at 1 p.m. Come join us.

More info: creswellcommunitysingers.com; email or call me at [email protected] and 541-510-3355. 

Mary Ellen Yost, music director




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