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Gemini-Rooster daughter will enchant you

A reader asked if I could tell her about her 3-year-old daughter – who was born under the sun sign Gemini during the lunar Year of the Rooster. This is a creative, imaginative, and at times ethereal, sign.

A Gemini-Rooster will speak their opinions freely without hesitation, offering observations without fear of contradiction. They are precise in detail and organized. 

This sign enjoys reading, especially if they are able to read aloud to others. They are good at math and design. They would do well designing events or directing plays. They love nurturing animals and children, and Gemini-Roosters appreciate partners who share in their passions. They are kind hearted and thoughtful. They do not do well interacting with individuals who are loud, aggressive, and cannot see the value in their talents or comprehend their wisdom. They enjoy sharing their insights on life through stories, art, photography, cooking, gardening, and crafts. 

Gemini-Roosters would enjoy becoming makeup artists, designing elaborate or mystical costumes and makeup for dramatic presentations. Although Gemini-Roosters may appear introverted, they will appreciate you for noticing that they are entertainers and performers at heart. 

Gemini-Roosters have a strong ego and can be sensitive and emotional. They do not appreciate criticism, so it is important to offer gentle guidance, ensuring that she doesn’t focus on the critique, but instead considers the observation creatively as an opportunity to see a new perspective. 

Famous Gemini-Roosters include actresses Anne Heche and Teri Polo, and TV anchor Lara Spencer.



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