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New mom brings a Pisces-Ox into the world

It’s always wonderful to hear from parents asking questions about their children’s astrological signs. Learning about our children’s signs can offer insight about their areas of strength and areas that might challenge them throughout their lives.

I received a question from a mother who delivered a baby girl last week. She was born under the sun sign Pisces during the lunar Year of the Ox. This sign blends a quiet, kind, sensitive, hardworking, and trustworthy combination of sun and moon. This is a sign that is able to maintain a professional disposition during stressful situations and exudes a quality of security and safety within their interactions and into their environment – soothing and comforting others through their mannerisms.  

Pisces-Ox individuals are successful at anything they attempt. This sign is an excellent athlete, businessperson, medical professional, or leader. This sign has the Ox’s strength and fortitude and Pisces’ gentle-and-peaceful approach. This sign believes in being honorable and lacks arrogance. A Pisces-Ox works hard and earns everything they are given. 

It is important to remember that a Pisces-Ox can become offended easily. The Pisces’ sensitivity and the Ox’s expectation of respect will not blend well with rude, crass, or insolent behavior toward them. Given the Pisces-Ox’s demeanor and character traits, it is unlikely those around them would behave with rudeness or disrespect. 

Famous Pisces-Ox women include Olympic gymnast Simone Biles; athlete and sportscaster Pam Oliver; businesswoman, philanthropist, and pediatrician Priscilla Chan (Zuckerberg); and actress Rae Dawn Chong.



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