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Gemini-Dog is looking for love in 2021

The lunar new year inspired many people to ask about their luck in 2021. One reader asked about his love life. He was born under the sun sign Gemini during the lunar year of the Dog. He wanted to know what sign he would be compatible with and if he would be lucky enough this year to find someone.

A Gemini-Dog is filled with charisma and superstar quality. They are the movers and the shakers of their circle of friends. They make friends everywhere and in all walks of life. They enjoy being with people, working in teams, at the center of activity, and at the center of attention. They enjoy entertaining by sharing their knowledge, talents, or their quick wit. A Gemini-Dog does not like being in the background. They enjoy reading or watching films in their quiet time, and they enjoy physical activity and performing at all other times.  

A Gemini-Dog would be romantically compatible with a Tiger, Horse, Pig, or Rabbit. The Gemini-Dog needs nurturing and a strong partner to stand by him while he regales the world. As long as the Gemini-Dog is working at a career he loves (most likely in front of an audience or the head of the boardroom), he will work tirelessly and incessantly. However, if the Gemini-Dog does not feel the work is allowing him to fulfill his passion, offering him the opportunity to earn a living using his charisma and talents, he would rather not work at all. A Gemini-Dog would be happy earning less money than his partner. His pride is fulfilled as long as he is adored. Dog-born individuals will find luck in partnerships in 2023.



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