Springfield schools make decisions on transfer rules

SPRINGFIELD – Last year, the Springfield Board of Education approved the rule that students can move in and out of the school district at the convenience of the family, provided that the schools are not at capacity. The results of that decision were incalculable because of the pandemic, and superintendent Todd Hamilton at Monday’s meeting. As such, the district is going to keep this system in place for the upcoming school year. 

Hamilton said one of the enrollment projects considered is the number of students that live within the attendance area versus the number of students that are attending Springfield schools. Once collected, that data will be shared next month.

“Forcing kids to stay in the district is not the way to keep your numbers up,” said Zach Besset, board chair. “The way we keep our numbers up is by offering the best services and the best education to kids around.”

In other business, SPS has hosted two vaccination clinics so far, and Hamiton said they will continue to offer opportunities for staff who weren’t in town for the clinics and for those who are not reporting to work. 

Following up staff vaccinations, in-person instruction has slowly begun again. Hamilton said second graders returned to school on Monday, Feb. 8, and there are now 1,300 students in-person learning in Springfield Public Schools. Another 400 students are likely to join on Thursday.