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Lunar new year arrives Feb. 12, wear red for good luck

Folklore suggests we should wear red for good luck two weeks before and two weeks following the lunar new year. As science-minded individuals, we might consider folklore to be a superstition and illogical. Superstition is based on unfounded belief, but it seems unlikely that traditions lasting thousands of years are based on unfounded beliefs. Perhaps we should question whether or not the lucky red folklore is based on superstition or if it’s based on a pattern of observed human behavior. 

Professor Walid Briki’s research has shown that colors can affect behavior and emotions on a subconscious level. Data revealed that when compared with green and blue, red had the strongest effect on emotion. Participants rated high levels of dominance and arousal after seeing red. This research supports other studies that have shown that red is a cue reflecting the feelings of strength and power. 

If science indicates that wearing red affects the way you feel, and the way other people feel when they see red, then the folklore makes sense. Science tells us the moon’s strong gravitational pull influences the planet during the transition of a new lunar phase. Our emotions are affected during this phase. Some people report feeling melancholy, anxiousness, or nervousness. Ancient folklore tells us it is lucky to think only happy thoughts and encourage positive feelings during the transition of the lunar new year. 

What is the conclusion? Should we wear red for luck? During an emotional lunar shift, we could offer ourselves and others a good service by wearing lucky red. After all, if our emotions get pulled off balance by the gravity of the moon, then it may be a very good idea to wear a color that helps us feel strong and powerful – and lucky! 

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