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Sheep-born is curious about his luck in ’21

Last year at this time, a reader of The Chronicle asked me if 2020, the Year of the Rat, would be a good year for him. He was born under the sun sign Sagittarius during the lunar Year of the Sheep. I was happy to tell him that it would be a good year for his sign. There would be challenges, but they would lead to amazing and wonderful opportunities, beneficial changes in his life and career. I spoke to him again this week, and he asked me the same question about 2021, the Year of the Ox. He said although the pandemic created a tragic outcome for many people, his life was not directly affected, and he was fortunate to have a good year. He retired, unexpectedly, began living quietly on his farm, and enjoyed the peace and solitude he had needed for many years after working tirelessly. He told me that although his retirement came sooner than expected, it offered him benefits he could have never imagined. 

I wanted to tell the reader that 2021 would be another great year for him, but the Year of the Ox often leads to obstacles, quarrels, rifts, and demands from friends and family for the Sheep-born. 

It’s a year that brings difficulties due to overspending by the Sheep and the resulting financial constraints. This may sound daunting – a dreaded prediction. But remember, Chinese lunar astrology is like a weather forecast. If the weather forecast predicts snow, you plan ahead, dress appropriately, and plan activities that can only be done in the snow. With an astrological lunar forecast, you can benefit in the same way. 

For instance, Sheep are generous to their family and friends, they will rescue vulnerable animals, donate generously to loved ones facing hard times, and they don’t consider how their financial generosity will affect their own financial security. As the Sheep-born moves toward 2021, they should consider the possibility of financial constraints, unexpected demands of family and friends, and possible misunderstandings.

Sheep-born might want to plan to not spend extravagantly on property or activities they don’t need this year. Wait for a few years before buying a new expensive car. Be prepared in case family or friends need help, and it may be a good idea to create a budget to work within while offering aid.

The most important thing for Sheep-born to consider is making informed decisions. Think before speaking harshly or hastily to friends and family and don’t make promises you are not in a position to fulfill. And since Sheep-born often have pets, and consider their beloved pets family members, it is possible the pets may create additional demands on your time and finances.

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