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Chronicle publisher, a Cancer-Rabbit, relies on teamwork

We at The Chronicle admire our fearless leader, our publisher, Noel Nash. Over the months we have come to know him as a good man, a generous community leader, intelligent, fun, ethical, and open-minded.

Noel is a leader and business owner who motivates team spirit, lifts morale, demonstrates fairness and empathy for his community, and works harder than anyone in publishing. He cares about the community he serves. His motives are not driven by the desire to earn a paycheck the hard way (newspaper publishing is not for the weak of heart), Noel genuinely seeks to serve his community. 

We who work for Noel enjoy the opportunity to learn his personality traits individually and as a group, observing and learning from his unique style of leadership and inspiration. 

We appreciate his kindness and courage, and as I sat down at my computer this week to answer your questions, I thought, instead, I would offer you the opportunity to meet your newspaper publisher through the lens of Chinese astrology. 

Noel Nash was born under the sun sign Cancer during the lunar Year of the Rabbit. Cancer-Rabbits are smart, strong, kind, and sensitive. An individual born under the sign Cancer-Rabbit is an equal balance of strength and sensitivity. Pop singer George Michael and actor Robin Williams were born under the sign Cancer-Rabbit. Williams was a world-renowned actor, writer, and comedian. He entertained with a gentle style, while teaching his audience humanity through his humor and art. He didn’t need to bully others to demonstrate strength or convey his message. Pop singer George Michael was a generous philanthropist, donating millions of dollars in royalties to numerous charities and humanitarian causes throughout his life and after his death. Philanthropy seemed to be a driving force behind much of his work. 

Cancer-Rabbits are creative, and they venture out to break the mold of their chosen professions.

They enjoy setting trends, breaking barriers, and enlightening the world through their art. They demonstrate to us that trying new approaches can change the way we view old-school endeavors; and you don’t need to be a bully to be heard or exert power. Kindness and ethical behavior is powerful.

Cancer-Rabbits are courageous enough to try new things, but they do not enjoy change. They love home and family. Cancer-Rabbits are wonderful friends, but they do not easily offer or trust their innermost thoughts and feelings to strangers and newfound friends. 

When you become a trusted friend of a Cancer-Rabbit, you will have a friend for life. Cancer-Rabbits are humble, and they allow their products and intentions to convey their true message. 

A Cancer-Rabbit’s instincts guide their determination. They are willing to work tirelessly as messengers, but they depend on their audiences to hear the message and illuminate its value through their own efforts. 

Noel Nash is a Cancer-Rabbit who chose publishing as the means to enlighten others by sharing community stories and bringing people and ideas together. 

You, as a reader, become part of this Cancer-Rabbit’s team when you read and share the message in the stories. In a sense, as a reader or supporter of The Chronicle, you are a strong member of his collaborative team. 

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