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Children’s natural talents and their parents’ expectations

A mother born under the sun sign Cancer during the lunar year of the Pig asked me about the traits of her two sons. Her younger son was born under the sun sign Taurus during the lunar Year of the Rabbit (2011), and her older son was born under the sun sign Pisces during the lunar Year of the Rat (2008). Her husband was born under the sun sign Aries during the lunar Year of the Tiger.

The mother said her sons’ personalities and interests are very different, and she wonders if it has anything to do with how she is raising them. She says her older son, the Pisces-Rat, is not as athletic or outgoing as his younger brother and his father. The mother says her Taurus-Rabbit son and his Aries-Tiger father are inseparable. They seem to have similar interests, such as sports and outdoor activities, but her Pisces-Rat son is more interested in some of the hobbies she enjoys, such as quiet, peaceful activities. She wonders if her influence raising her Pisces-Rat son is affecting his interests. He was her first-born child, and she says she has always doted on him. 

As I’ve written before in this column, I believe an individual’s personality is influenced by three components: Astrology, environment, and biology. For instance, if an individual is raised in a peaceful environment, as opposed to an abusive environment, their peaceful environment will support the natural inclinations of their astrological and biological aspects, and they will demonstrate predictable traits and characteristics. 

Alternately, an abusive environment will adversely affect their behavior, which could also produce predictable traits, but do not positively support their natural inclinations. Many wonderful signs could be influenced adversely by abuse that unfortunately directs their natural skills and inclinations toward negative outcomes.

In the situation of this mother and her two sons, I am happy to say that the description the mother gives is exactly the typical and predictable personality traits and patterns of their astrological signs. The Aries-Tiger husband is outgoing, aggressive in his interests and passions, and enjoys outdoor activities and sports, as does the Taurus-Rabbit son. It’s predictable that the Tiger and Rabbit would spend time together outside engaging in active and creative endeavors. 

The Taurus-Rabbit is not as aggressive as his Aries-Tiger father, but a Taurus-Rabbit enjoys sports and the outdoors, as well as using his charming personality to entertain and impress others. Soccer player David Beckham was born under the sign Taurus-Rabbit, as well as singer Enrique Iglesias, and football player Ray Lewis. 

The wonderful Pisces-Rat son is the studious type. The sort of sign that would be interested in social justice, law, and political or public service activities. George Washington was born under the sign Pisces-Rat, was strong and worked hard, but he was a man with a passion to seek justice for all. I have known wonderful lawyers and politicians born under the sign Pisces-Rat who work devotedly for justice. Other famous Pisces-Rats include: Motivational speaker Tony Robbins and basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal is a good example of following a path influenced by environment and biology. He is exceptionally tall, and it has been said that his stepfather influenced him to aggressively practice basketball, even though his interests may have pointed toward other directions. After retiring from basketball, O’Neal finished his bachelor’s degree and went further to earn a master’s degree and a doctorate. 

Be proud of yourself, dear Cancer-Pig mother. You are doing everything right. Your sons are demonstrating the personality, skills, and traits they were naturally inclined to follow. Keep up the good work! By the way, your Pisces-Rat may enjoy playing with a magic kit, and your Taurus-Rabbit may have fun with a soccer ball.

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