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The lunar patterns of a Rabbit’s luck in 2021

I received a question from a reader born under the lunar sign Rabbit who wanted to know about her luck next year. She read the article I wrote about luck for Roosters in 2021, and it inspired her to ask about her own sign. If you are a Rabbit, this column is for you.

To offer you a brief overview of how to utilize lucky lunar years or challenging ones, by observing the practice of Chinese astrology, think of it as being similar to a weather forecast.

For instance, we know winter is cold and summer is hot. We can plan our lives based on weather forecasts and possible weather conditions. We can decide what activities to expect during varying seasons, or cycles of weather. Chinese astrology is based on a 12-year cycle. Looking ahead to forecast your “luck” is similar to checking the weather forecast.

Observing patterns during each of the 12 years in the cycle can offer you possible conditions to anticipate.

For Rabbit-born individuals, as it pertains to 2021 (the lunar Year of the Ox), the patterns have revealed that Rabbits are likely to face disappointments and challenges during the Year of the Ox. Rabbits work hard, but their hard work will seem to produce less than they had hoped for. Rabbits will likely feel frustrated and additional stress. When challenging years flow in, it is important to consider that the cycle will continue toward better days ahead. Try not to allow challenges to defeat you. Seek support and guidance from individuals whose 12-year cycle of patterns offer them luck during your challenging years. For instance, 2021 is forecast to be lucky for Dragons, Rats, and Pigs. These signs offer loyal friendship to others and are likely to support friends in need. 

The following year, 2022 (the Year of the Tiger) can introduce a few more challenges for Rabbits. Remember to remain calm in 2022, try to avoid arguments. Lawsuits could arise, so remain diplomatic. The good news is that by the end of 2022 and moving throughout 2023 (the Year of the Rabbit), the patterns indicate luck will return for Rabbit-born individuals. Career and your financial outlook can improve, and life can return to joy and being surrounded by good friends and family.  

It is beneficial to view astrological forecasts as an instrument to help you prepare. Whether the forecast is lucky or challenging, it is in your power to influence the outcome. Use the luck or challenges to your benefit. 

For instance, if the weather forecast indicates freezing or snow, you would prepare for it. You might prepare with plenty of wood to stoke the fire, or stockpile provisions. Or you would be sure to surround yourself with friends equipped to support your needs during a snowstorm. 

Alternately, if the forecast is hot, you would be prepared with an air conditioner or plan to work outside during cool morning hours, rather than during the hottest part of the day. Just as a weather forecast, use your lunar cycle forecast to prepare. If you know the patterns, you won’t be surprised by challenges, you’ll be prepared for them. 

A forecast offers you an advantage and insight about what is likely ahead and when lucky years will return, so you can prepare for challenges and make the most of lucky years.

I would be happy to answer your questions in this column. Please include the exact birth dates (month, day, year) of all those who are included in your questions. Send your questions to [email protected]. For private consultations, please visit my website at YourMoonSign.com



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