Oregon wildfires

Chronicle opens offices for public use

The Chronicle, Creswell, Ore.

Note to readers:

The Chronicle shares in the grief we are all feeling for our family and neighbors during this wildfire tragedy. As always in these situations, we’re heartened to see the outpouring of support and love from people all over the area.

We have taken a few steps we hope might help those who need it most now:

1. We have opened our offices in Springfield and Creswell as COMMUNICATION HUBS – free to the public. If you don’t have internet access, electricity, or a computer, please come by our offices and use our equipment to email, search for information, post messages on social media, etc.

2. We’ve made all of our fire-related coverage FREE on our website, chronicle1909.com, as we did during the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Erin Tierney leads our coverage, with photographers Bradley Cook and Bob Williams.

3. We continue to assist and amplify other organizations that are gathering clothes and food. Please check back regularly on our website for links and updates. The websites for the cities of Creswell, Springfield and Cottage Grove are reliable sources, as is the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Hang in there, folks.


CRESWELL OFFICE: 34 W. Oregon Ave.

Please note: We must maintain physical distance and wear masks in the offices.

The Chronicle, Springfield, Ore.