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Lucille Ball: Dynamic Leo-Pig, a team-player

The well-known comedian and actress Lucille Ball was born 109 years ago on Aug. 6, 1911 under the sun sign Leo during the lunar Year of the Pig. Leo-Pigs are bold sweethearts. They are outgoing and social. They express a natural humor, energy, and strength, and will create enthusiasm in all projects while inspiring others. They work harder than most and expect nothing but perfection from themselves.

“Lucy” was the larger-than-life star of I Love Lucy. However, Leo-Pigs work together well as a team, they respect their team members’ value, giving credit to the team as a whole.

The public identifies the Leo-Pig as the foundation of the team and views the Leo-Pig as the power behind the success. The Leo-Pig is similar to the engine in a vehicle but does not function successfully without the wheels. Desi Arnaz (Pisces-Snake), William Frawley (Pisces-Pig), and Vivian Vance (Leo-Rooster) blended well to support the foundation of Leo-Pig’s talent, creativity, and influence.

Leo-Pigs express themselves boldly and dramatically while performing their duties. Although they are magnetic showmen, they tend to enjoy quiet solitude and spiritual contemplation during their off time.

They are honest and even slightly naïve. They believe the best in all people, deliver the best of themselves, and work tirelessly for the success of the team. Unlike some signs that work well alone or without the support of a team, Leo-Pigs depend on the team process. It is important for all Leo-Pigs to understand this point. They must surround themselves with a talented group before they begin any project. 

Leo-Pigs can express a hot temper when provoked by betrayal or dishonesty but tend to forgive quickly and move forward with resilience. Leo-Pigs are loyal friends, will offer up their talents for those they love, and their creativity and generosity bring out the best in others.

People born during the Year of the Pig often have difficult beginnings, fighting through challenges and illnesses that most people would not encounter and could seldom successfully overcome. Pig-born individuals tend to struggle silently, swimming upstream early in life, and when they successfully achieve their goal, they do not expect fanfare to celebrate the triumphs they achieved while overcoming their challenges; instead, they celebrate the success quickly, then move forward helping others along the way. Leo-Pigs receive tremendous satisfaction offering their leadership, help, and services for the benefit of others. 

All Pigs enjoy their indulgences, sometimes too much. They occasionally move too quickly indulging themselves before they think about the consequences. It is important for Leo-Pigs to refrain from being impulsive. They should think three times before they speak, and they should consult others as a team before making any major plans or life changes. Magic Johnson, Mila Kunis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Estelle Getty, and Alfred Hitchcock were all born during the sign of Leo-Pig.

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