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Power and service drive a Scorpio-Pig

I was speaking to a 24-year old Chronical reader this week who was born under the sun sign Scorpio during the lunar Year of the Pig. She told me it has been difficult to know what sort of career she should pursue. She began college and dropped out due to work conflicts and financial constraints, and before she returned to college, she hopes to find clarity on a career path. I told her I would offer her an astrological profile in this column, and then I shared advice that I received from my high school phycology teacher, which I believe is good advice for all signs. He said, “The happiest, most well-adjusted people in the world are those who do what they love to do more than anything else and get paid for it.” 

This is great advice, easier said than done, but if you take the time to consider what you love to do most (your hobbies, natural talents, natural skills, things that fill you with happiness and you enjoy doing without pay), then you can contemplate ways to earn a living doing it. For instance, some people have a passion for human services and for changing and creating policies that regulate human services, such as Hillary Clinton (Scorpio-Pig).

Scorpio-Pigs are intelligent, strong, passionate about reaching goals and fulfilling objectives, and they are very sweet, empathetic, and kind-hearted.

Ultimately, they like power, top power positions, and they will work hard to achieve it. They are excellent writers, speakers, and the public is drawn to them. My cousin was born under the sign Scorpio-Pig, and she became a litigation attorney, then quickly became a partner in a California law firm. She started out as a beauty pageant queen in Tennessee before law school, and after finishing her education, she combined her natural sweetness and likability together with her education to become a likable and very successful attorney—“likeable” and “attorney” are not often words you hear together in a sentence.

Sweet, strong, resilient, and intelligent is a brief way to describe a powerful Scorpio-Pig. They look out for others, but do not sacrifice their own needs. 

All Pigs possess a kind and trustworthy quality, which is authentic and true. And Scorpio-Pigs are relentless, intense in their goals, compassionate, and driven leaders. They possess charisma, and although they are wonderful entertainers, speakers, and public figures, they are not driven to gain fan adoration or popularity.

They do their work because they are good at their job, they enjoy helping people, and they are driven to earn high salaries and security. They are more interested in the income they receive than the applause or attention they receive. 

Considering the reader’s quest to find her ideal career path, start by considering your passion, what drives you and makes you happy, it is likely areas of human services, writing, speaking, serving others in a leadership role; and consider your natural proclivity for power.  

You do well in front of audiences and groups. It is unlikely you would be satisfied working in a job that does not allow you to express your opinions and use your power of persuasion. 

Famous Scorpio-Pigs include: Politician, lawyer, writer, and First Lady Hillary Clinton; Country singer Miranda Lambert; and Reality TV wrestler Nikki Bella.

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