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Dog-born couple finds happiness in a pack

A reader born under the sun sign Aries during the lunar Year of the Dog wanted to know if two people born during the Year of the Dog would make a good romantic match. Her fiancé was born under the sun sign Gemini during the lunar Year of the Dog. Two Dogs are compatible enough to make a good partnership. They are both ambitious, friendly, and both want a stable relationship and family. Dogs are likable, have lots of friends, and two Dogs would make a popular married couple.

Dogs are most successful when they communicate and work as a team. Dogs do not like being left out of the party. In fact, they like to be the center of attention at the party.

This partnership could work out well, as long as neither ever feels they are being left out. If Dogs feel left out, or not appreciated for their value, they can become jealous and cynical. Anyone who has a dog for a pet knows that dogs enjoy attention and are happy and willing to offer loyalty and attention in return. Dog-born individuals are the same. If they don’t feel they are noticed or being valued, their actions can become malicious. 

In this double-Dog partnership, the Gemini-Dog husband will be fun loving and enjoy friends and family gatherings. He will enjoy performing for people at any opportunity, and especially being the center of attention. Friends will enjoy his charm, listening to his opinions, talents, and antics. R&B Pop singer Prince was born under the sign Gemini-Dog.

The Aries-Dog wife will be confident and empathetic. She will speak frankly and sacrifice her own comfort when needed and is willing to make sacrifices for her friends and family. She is resilient, supportive, and will work hard to support a team effort. Jane Goodall is an Aries-Dog.

In general, Dog-born individuals possess a lovable quality; they are loyal friends and fun companions. Dogs have charisma, which brings them many admirers. They are salesmen, deal makers, and they are the leaders of packs, cliques, and even cults. Although Dogs can be smug and cynical, they are very social. Dogs are outgoing and love to communicate. Opinionated and argumentative at times, Dogs don’t like to fight, unless it’s for their survival. A cheerful puppy can turn into a vicious pit bull if their family or security is threatened. Dogs need to feel powerful and popular. Female Dogs can become popular cheerleaders or the leader of the “mean girls” in middle school, and Dog boys are the cheerful flirts and charismatic athletes, or they can become the “bad boys.” 

When Dogs are raised in healthy and loving environments, they are able to outgrow their tendency to seek competition to feel powerful and prove their value. When their value is acknowledged, the Dog’s charisma, intelligence, and charm can positively influence their environment and change life for the better. Mother Teresa was a Virgo-Dog. Alternately, if a Dog is raised in an environment that encourages prejudice, class mentality, or requires competition to prove value, then jealousy and insecurity can lead them into a dark, unhealthy, and unhappy lifestyle. Actor River Phoenix and Michael Jackson were both Virgo-Dogs.  

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