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Scorpio-Tiger mother demands perfection

A reader born under the sun sign Taurus during the lunar Year of the Rooster asked a question about how to improve her relationship with her mother. Her mother was born under the sun sign Scorpio during the lunar Year of the Tiger.

The Taurus-Rooster daughter says she feels tension between their relationship most of the time, and it has been a struggle to remain friendly with her mother throughout their lives. She says she feels bullied, as if her Scorpio-Tiger mother criticizes everything she does. 

A Scorpio-Tiger is a fireball of energy, intelligence, confidence, and leadership. They see areas that need improvement everywhere, they are usually right, and they know exactly how to remedy the problem (even if most other people do not see a problem).

Scorpio-Tigers do not understand why others feel offended by their suggestions. Scorpio-Tigers offer advice in a gesture of kindness, expecting others to benefit from their guidance and feel grateful to have received the valuable advice. 

Scorpio-Tigers view perfection as the only acceptable outcome. That does seem intense, but try to remember, they only want to help, they don’t intend to hurt their loved ones. If your Tiger mother offers guidance (or critiques), consider yourself loved by the Tiger, rather than perceiving it as a personal attack. On the other hand, if the Tiger is fighting against an adversary, beware of an unrelenting battle. Scorpio-Tigers fight as if losing is not an option. 

Tigers, especially a Scorpio-Tiger, need to feel helpful, especially to those she loves. Expecting a Tiger to remain quiet and uninvolved is like expecting them to live without breathing. Demi Moore and Jodie Foster are Scorpio-Tigers.

A Taurus-Rooster is very capable of making the right decisions and executing a plan strategically and successfully. Taurus-Roosters are born with a strong sense of leadership, creativity, and critical thinking, but they do not employ their skills with the blunt intensity that Tigers do. Cate Blanchett and Renee Zellweger are Taurus-Roosters. 

The Taurus-Rooster daughter says that now, as an adult, she avoids her mother, feeling their conversations always lead to anxiety or an argument.

The Taurus-Rooster asked if her mother’s sign is typical of such criticism and bullying. If so, she wants to know how her sign can get along better with her mother’s sign. This is a big question, much longer than this one article can answer, but I’ll give a quick answer.

When your Scorpio-Tiger mother offers her advice and guidance, listen and thank her. It’s futile to debate the issue with her, unless you want a long, heated discussion. 

Simply thank her and tell her you appreciate her wisdom and guidance. When you get home, think about what she offered as advice; you might find she offered excellent guidance that you really do appreciate and could utilize.

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