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Radcliffe resignation statement

I, Jennifer Radcliffe, hereby resign my director position on the South Lane County Fire & Rescue Board. It has been an honor to serve this community for over five years. 

As the most senior member of this board, I am very proud of the many positive strides that have been made by the district during my time here. As a whole, the personnel who work inside the district are hard working men and women who have the public’s best interest at heart. 

I want to thank Joel Higdon for his very professional conduct, fluid communication and leadership throughout the last few weeks. 

However, in light of recent events, I have lost all confidence in the remainder of the board to do what is right by the people of South Lane County whom they represent by acting more as the chief’s friend in this process than his employer. 

I find that the chief’s actions do not adhere to the mission, vision, and values of the district. The majority of the Board is unwilling to pursue appropriate discipline on this matter, that is not something I want to be associated with. 

In the process of trying to do my job as a board member, two of the other board members openly stated false and misleading comments about me. That is unfortunate. As an elected official to this board, it is my responsibility to speak up when I have concerns. I don’t want to cave to the intimidation. 

However, I also have a business to run and a family to raise, so it is with a heavy heart that I have reached the conclusion that tonight will be my last night with South Lane Fire & Rescue. 

Jennifer Radcliffe was the vice president on the South Lane County Fire & Rescue board. She resigned on June 18 after the board voted 3-2 to reinstate Wooten as fire chief without disciplinary action. 



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