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Horses and Tigers are graduating!

June is graduation season, and we are excited to congratulate high school and college graduates as they begin their adult lives and careers. While chatting with The Chronicle’s publisher and executive editor last week, we discussed how exciting graduation is for our community.

Many of the high school graduates will celebrate their 18th birthday this year, which would mean they were born in 2002 during the Year of the Horse, and many college graduates will celebrate their 22nd birthday, born in 1998 during the Year of the Tiger. 

Horses and Tigers have wonderful adventures ahead.

A few weeks back, I described the character and personality traits of Horses and Tigers when I profiled Meriwether Lewis (Horse) and William Clark (Tiger). These signs are adventurers, leaders, risk takers, managers, brave, daring, and both signs love the outdoors. 

Horse-born individuals (2002) do not enjoy taking orders or leadership from others. They enjoy teamwork and working with groups, but they don’t enjoy living within constraints or being told how to do their job. For this reason, learning a trade and becoming an entrepreneur is often a good career path for Horses.

Horses are fantastic salespeople, event planners, and party hosts. Going to a university for four years can be challenging for a Horse. They like to get out into the world and fly by the seat of their pants, rather than sitting in a classroom taking direction and being graded by college professors. Horses would make excellent pilots, musicians, race car drivers, athletes, mechanics, and they make it all look easy.

They like being outdoors and having fun with people and nature. This doesn’t mean they couldn’t make it through college to become doctors or lawyers, but the goal would need to provide passion to their souls, so as to sustain the endurance to finish.

Kobe Bryant, Chip Gaines (TV contractor), Drew and Jonathan Scott (TV contractors), Jennifer Lawrence, and Paul McCartney are all Horse-born celebrities.

Tiger-born people (1998) love the outdoors, trees, flowers, animals. They are fighters, leaders, opinionated, and are excellent writers. They could make excellent lawyers and politicians, but often their hot-tempered passion gets them into hot water or creates frustration within them when they are expected to operate within the status quo. For this reason, Tigers are happiest when working in management or leadership, and when working in nature.

They would make excellent landscape architects, zoologists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and careers in the military suit them well. Unlike Horses, Tigers are able to follow rules and orders, just long enough for them to work their way to the top so they can become the one to give the rules and orders. Tigers don’t need to become entrepreneurs to find happiness in leadership, but they enjoy owning the company and hiring people to do the tedious work while they live in the creative and expansive freedom of leadership. Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, Rosie O’Donnell, Steve Irwin, and Tom Cruise are all Tigers.  

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