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Rogues gallery of leaders, and Ox power

A reader of The Chronicle, whose son was born under the sign Leo-Ox, visited my Chinese astrology website and read about a group of Ox-born leaders and dictators. He wondered what I could tell him about his 10-year-old son’s sign.

Thousands of years of valuable research pertaining to Chinese astrology is available to us. Similar signs produce similar character traits and behavior patterns.

My theory is that astrology is one of three important aspects to consider while analyzing a personality: First, consider the astrological sign. Second, consider the person’s environment. For instance, if two people were born on the same day at the same time, but they were raised in different environments – a dictatorial society vs. a democratic society, or an abusive environment vs. a loving household – their astrological potential will reflect their environment and should be considered; I’ll speak more about this below. Third, it is important to consider biology and DNA. When you consider all three aspects together, a clearer picture of one’s personality can be determined and understood.

A simple method to begin the study into lunar astrology is to refer only to the 12-year Chinese signs, such as Rat, Ox, Rabbit, etc. It is also interesting to combine information from the 12 Western sun signs, such as Pieces, Aries, Leo, etc. By doing this, you work with 144 different signs based on pairing the 12 sun and 12 lunar signs.  

The father who wrote to me asking about his Leo-Ox son read about patterns I revealed pertaining to Taurus-Ox leaders Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Machiavelli, Malcolm X, and the Duke of Wellington. These men were all relentless and charismatic leaders who were determined to “win,” and they were all born under the sun sign Taurus during the lunar year of the Ox. The chances of a person being born under the same sun sign and same lunar sign is 1/144.  

Barack Obama (Leo-Ox), Napoleon Bonaparte (Leo-Ox), Menachem Begin (Leo-Ox), Madeleine Albright (Leo-Ox), and billionaire businesswoman Kylie Jenner (Leo-Ox) demonstrate Leo-Ox power, and they were all born under the same sign as the reader’s son. Ox-born individuals are natural leaders with powerful charisma. 

The people above offer an excellent example of how environment plays a role in which the sign’s potential is expressed.  

Politician and soldier Sam Houston (Pieces-Ox) led the victory of the Battle of San Jacinto. Princess Diana (Cancer-Ox), activist Malala Yousafzai (Cancer-Ox), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Cancer-Ox), Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps (Cancer-Ox), British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Libra-Ox), singer Bruno Mars (Libra-Ox), and First Lady Barbara Bush (Gemini-Ox) are a few positive examples of Ox power and leadership.

Ox men and women who were raised in loving households are more likely to use diplomacy and collaboration, directing their intense potential to serve the benefit of all. The power of an Ox-born is strong energy that can be used in a helpful, positive manner or a destructive, negative manner. I sometimes offer the comparison of Ox power to the power of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy can be used in a positive manner through medical procedures that help save lives, such as MRIs. Nuclear energy can also be used to create bombs that kill and destroy.  

Our personalities develop with the influence of our astrological sign, environment, and biology.

Therefore, an Ox who is raised in a loving environment with a well-developed sense of empathy, could thrive and be an extremely positive asset to his or her community. A person born during the lunar year of the Ox has a natural ability to lead and serve, whether through government, business, art, activism, or any endeavor they pursue, depending upon how they choose to apply their power and how they are influenced by their environment and biology.

Malcolm X used his Taurus-Ox charisma and relentless pursuit of equality to aid the African-American community; dancer/choreographer Derek Hough uses his Taurus-Ox leadership and charisma through art; Kylie Jenner uses her Leo-Ox power to make billions of dollars; and Malala Yousafzai’s Ox power influenced her to stand up for the rights of others. Ox power can be a great asset to the world, if managed in a diplomatic and peaceful manner. 

Chinese astrology is based on the lunar calendar and the moon’s influence on Earth. 

In modern history, the lunar calendar has been used for over two centuries to formulate the Farmer’s Almanac. Scientists today offer proof, indisputably, that the moon commands a direct influence on water – all water, ranging from the water in oceans to the water in a drinking glass. 

I would be happy to answer your questions about your lunar sign. Please send your questions and your birth date to [email protected]. For private consultations, please visit my website at YourMoonSign.com



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