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Pisces-Dog needs to share feelings

A reader born during the sign Pisces-Dog asked about work/life balance. He says his job supports himself and his partner, but it is not a career. He is in school pursuing the career of his choice and his schedule has been adversely impacting his relationship with his family.

He wants to know how he can pursue his passion and convey to his family that he is not trying to become distant. He is just working hard to accomplish his goals. 

He says school is time-consuming, demanding, and there have been bumps in the road, but he is pursuing his passion. 

Since I have only the Pisces-Dog’s astrological sign to work with and not his partner’s or his family member’s birth dates, I will answer this question based only on the characteristics and traits of the Pisces-Dog. 

A Pisces-Dog does not enjoy conflict, as do other Dog-born signs. For this reason, it is not easy for this Dog to speak up and defend his need for following his passion. 

Other Dog combinations might feel perfectly justified speaking to family about their busy and demanding schedule, but a Pisces-Dog prefers not to say anything that may open a discussion that could become uncomfortable or cause a conflict. 

A Pisces-Dog seeks comfort and security, and he is sensitive to the needs of others, but he first requires that he will not be forced to defend himself and forfeit his own goals to fulfill the needs of others. Even though you do not want to become distant toward your family, Pisces-Dog, avoidance is another way of becoming distant. 

Perhaps you can offer your family a note, text, or video chat on a regular basis. Letting them know you care for them does not require lengthy communication. Sometimes it can be as quick as a text saying you’re thinking of them and love them. Dog-born people are likeable and good communicators. Speak from your heart and make the communication regular – it’s likely you have 60 seconds to send a text or a video message from your heart. Even better, send a hand-written note or card. It takes less than five minutes to write a card and drop it in the mail. 

Share with your family what has been happening at school; or ask them to write to you about their lives. Be honest with them.

You wrote a detailed email to me, speaking from your heart about your feelings, it is evident you have all you need to convey to them that you do not want to become distant. 

Dog-born individuals often wait for others to invite them to events. If you initiate a meeting, invite them to share a meal or coffee, rather than relying on them to invite you, it might offer your family just what they need from you.

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