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Elon Musk and populating planets

Linda LaZar

During a conversation with a friend this week, I discovered Elon Musk is a new father. Congratulations to the new parents! Procreation is an extremely important aspect of lunar astrology, and Elon Musk may be interested to learn more about it, especially if he intends to introduce procreation into his plans to colonize Mars.  

A couple of months ago, within one of my earlier columns, I wrote a brief description of how the moon affects human development. While talking to my friend this week, she was curious to know more, so I’ll repeat a portion of my scientific theory in this week’s column: 

For over 30 years I have collected data and tracked patterns and trends. Quickly I realized that Chinese astrology offered predictable patterns. For many years I felt perplexed as it pertained to how, why, and what made it predictable. I struggled, attempting to figure out what caused a series of patterns and predictable personalities and behaviors.

I felt it was not enough for me to appreciate the patterns and simply trust that the patterns were reliable; I needed to know the cause of its reliability. Finally, I found answers.

During my education in psychology, clinical counseling, and human services, I questioned a few of my professors regarding studies on Chinese astrology. I asked why I could not find empirical research on the subject. One professor suggested there is no way to measure results in a study of Chinese astrology. I disagreed (of course), but I knew it would be difficult to initiate research without citing previous studies that relate to scientific aspects of lunar astrology. 

About 15 years ago, while reading neuroscience textbooks, I was excited to learn that scientists discovered conclusive evidence that the gravitational influence of the moon directly affects cell development on Earth. 

This was a lightbulb moment for me. It was at this moment I developed a theory about how Chinese astrology (or lunar astrology) can be scientifically researched.

The moon, and its influences on our planet as it pertains to cell development, have been studied empirically with verified results. For this reason, I believe it is scientifically possible to study the moon’s influence on human cell development – specifically brain cell development, specifically during the gestation period, and specifically as it pertains to personality and behavior areas of the brain. 

This would likely require longitudinal studies beyond the span of my lifetime, but I believe it is important to begin the research. I will write more about this in future columns. 

Elon Musk might benefit from studies of lunar astrology, if he intends for humans to procreate on Mars. Mars will not benefit from the gravitational influences of Earth’s moon during the gestational period of human development. Who knows what effect may result on brain development on Mars?


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